What your star signs have in store for 2022

Let’s face it, 2021 was unpredictable and scary. Between all the locking down and opening up, it’s only natural to seek a little optimism in the year ahead.

It could be in the stars … What’s in store for 2022?

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After the last two years what are you looking forward to in 2022. Photo: Getty

Astrologer and spiritualist Rose Smith believes we will make progress in 2022 after a stressful, demanding and often chaotic two years of the pandemic, saying there is "finally a sense of moving forward again".

"It’s important to remember that all things change, and nothing lasts forever, so it’s a great year for reassessing the direction of your life and your relationships," Rose shares with Yahoo Lifestyle.

Opportunities ahead

What’s written in the stars? Rose believes things are set to become more interesting and exciting.

"Perhaps you may change jobs this year, you could be called to do something that’s more of a vocation … something that makes your heart sing," Rose, who runs the psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets, explains.


“We’re moving away from the stress and turmoil of 2020 and 2021 now and, if we pay attention, we’ll feel it.

“There are many opportunities for advancement. Positive signs and portents point us in the direction of growth and development, so keep your eyes peeled.”

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Rose Smith believes we will make progress in 2022. Photo: Getty

Not all smooth sailing

While there’s good reason to be optimistic, Rose says it won’t be all smooth-sailing.

“We have the usual assortment of retrograding planets, eclipses and various aspects to consider,” she says.

“There’s a big deal happening - the USA will be experiencing its Pluto Return on February 21 at 27 degrees Capricorn. This return is bound to have knock-on effects to Australia and the entire world.

“It only occurs every 248 years, because this is how long it takes for Pluto to complete a full orbit around the Sun."

Rose explains that Pluto is the planet of birth, death and rebirth.

“It is one of the Transpersonal Planets with Neptune and Uranus and is connected to spirituality, life after death and major transformation. Something has died and now a rebirth can now occur."

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What does 2022 have in store for us? Photo: Getty

Rose Smith’s 2022 astrological outlook by star sign:

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Career: Your year starts with your ruler Mars pushing you forward to expand through foreign connections, study or a job change.

Love life: The year begins with Venus retrograde, so it’s a quieter time when you go within and become more self-reflective about your relationships. March and the second half of the year are the most passionate times when the beauty of Venus and Neptune shine on you!

Social life: You may help others out this year more than usual. Jupiter is asking you to focus on spiritual matters and look within, rather than gallivant too much about town. Watch for weight gain!

Money: The push for expansion through your ruler Mars is hugely impactful in terms of money and shared resources. There are unpredictable elements at work with your finances, but May to October sees mighty Jupiter blessing you with more abundance and changes in your core beliefs and identity.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Career: Some delays or restrictions are likely, but these will ease in the second half of this year. You may feel more detached from your current work or those who work with you. Still, you’re likely to be quite conscientious, so don’t be hard on yourself. It may be time to consider another situation.

Love life: Beginning 2022, your ruler Venus is encouraging you to look to other countries regarding romance or friendships. She is, however, retrograde, so delays are possible. Be extra careful here. May brings a re-evaluation of intimacy.

Social life: You’re likely to be quite the social butterfly and new friends and groups enter your life this year. You attract significant opportunities to expand your life through important contacts.

Money: Your ruler Venus is pushing you to look overseas for financial opportunities which may be transformational. But there may be delays or hiccups in January, so be cautious with money. March to October sees financial changes, mostly favourable.

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Taurus has opportunities ahead. Photo: Getty

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Career: Big expansive changes are expected in your important business partnerships and career zone. Take care of your health and wellbeing and try to avoid stress. Somehow, spirituality or fantasy enters the workplace; be careful of delusions and illusions. But a bit of self-reflection is a good thing.

Love life: Intimacy takes on new meaning. Hidden things are revealed, especially in January, when things can rapidly change on the love front. Most of the year is passionate! There’s change coming in your important personal partnerships.

Social life: Healing important connections, old friendships or group situations is on the cards this year. If you’re not sure about someone or a group of people, it’s time to listen to your intuition and move on. Take time out to respect and heal yourself.

Money: Expansion in your career zone can bring you extra money. There’s also a lot of activity regarding shared resources and you gain tons of insight here. Watch for illusion and delusion in your career, as Neptune sometimes takes us off with the fairies, but spirituality can positively help you.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Career: Your ruler, the Moon, is dabbling in your everyday work, routine or health commencing the year, bringing up emotion but also insight into your current work situation. A great healing regarding your vocation and/or life direction occurs this year; there’s bound to be a lot of energy around this and it’s for the better!

Love life: January brings a slow down with important partnerships, legalities, husbands, wives etc. You have to change your approach to love in some way. Watch for illusion as Neptune and the Moon have a veil over your eyes until mid-February. Remove the veil because after February, into 2023, you have opportunities for great affection and emotion, thanks to blessings from Neptune and Venus.

Social life: Karma smiles on you when friends, groups and your hopes and dreams are transformed from May onwards. Mid-year, you’re really out of your shell, socialising and having fun with friends and groups. Don’t burn the candle at both ends!

Money: You may feel more ambitious around work and taking care of your health at the beginning of the year. A healing takes place which can positively impact your finances. It happens spontaneously and energetically - you probably don’t have to do much to make it happen. Try not to resist change regarding shared resources.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Career: You start the year with your ruling planet, the Sun, blessing your everyday work, health and routine. Brightly, you accomplish much on a daily basis. The eclipse season starting May brings transformation to your career. There’s lots of karmic change this year, mostly for the better!

Love life: May’s eclipse season brings transformation to your relationships. You may have change on your mind, as you must fulfil your heart’s desires. It’s likely your intimate life skyrockets this year … lucky you! If you have a partner already, a deeper commitment is likely.

Social life: Your home and family need your attention during May, but life is a balancing act and you’re likely to have tons of energy for playing and meeting new people. Romance is in the air if you want it!

Money: January may be a little tight, with Venus retrograde in your house of work and health, so watch your stress levels. Shared resources with another are likely to increase. Are you thinking about a loan? Money can come from another source.

Leo Zodiac Sign. Abstract night sky background
For Leo's May’s eclipse season brings transformation. Photo: Getty

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Career: Some delays or restrictions in everyday work or habits may slow you down. But your creativity is enhanced, so you can come up with great ideas! Study is also likely this year. Get organised and keep a study and/or work schedule. Important partnerships become more committed.

Love life: You could be feeling quite flirtatious and playful ... a fun way to start 2022! Venus in your romance zone keeps you abuzz with affection and beauty. After January 29, it’s full steam ahead when you may be attracted to someone older or more experienced.

Social life: You’re caring and compassionate towards your friends and connections. It’s time to get out and have fun. Unexpected things can happen to broaden your horizons and you may become more interested in other cultures or the exotic.

Money: Keep balance with your money, watch for overspending when socialising. Also take extra care with joint resources shared with another. It’s time to work to a budget and avoid unnecessary financial risks. Save for a holiday!

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Career: You’re likely to be more ambitious with self-promotion starting the year! You can grow your life, especially from May onwards through travel, spirituality or study. Jupiter and Neptune bless your daily work or health, and you will then bring spirituality more into your everyday life.

Love life: Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde at home until the end of January. It’s time to beautify your surroundings, but maybe you need to find a new way to do this due to a delay or a slowdown. Family members may be distant in some way. Find love at home, with your family or in yourself.

Social life: Beginning 2022, home is where the heart is! Home and family take on more importance and delays to home projects or family events are possible, as your ruler Venus is retrograde. You may not feel like going out as much; perhaps you invite more people home.

Money: The second half of the year sees unexpected changes in your finances, especially those shared with someone else. Your daily work and wellbeing are favourably blessed and extra money comes your way, but don’t allow those rose-coloured glasses to hinder your view of reality.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Career: Mercury helps you with self-promotion or marketing to start the year. A healing occurs regarding your everyday work or health. It’s time to broaden your horizons through spirituality, travel or study.

Love life: You begin the year with deep communications and ideas. Secrets could be revealed now and you’re likely to want to step out for flirtatious fun! Unexpected karmic changes with significant partnerships are possible.

Social life: Time to step out on the town! Socialising and fun are the name of the game to start the year. From October, your sensitivity and perceptiveness increase and it’s time to attend to your important relationships. Women and perhaps your mother are also highlighted.

Money: You are quite motivated and ambitious regarding your finances. Your emotions are intense, and you want to get ahead this year.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Career: Unexpected changes occur in your daily habits, work or health. From October, you become more sensitive. Meditate, spend time alone and develop your spiritual side, but don’t forget to take care of practicalities, especially your work and health.

Love life: February to April looks great for love, and passions of all types are stirred! From May your important relationships are transformed and you change your ideas or identity. The second half of the year is full-on hot ‘n’ lovely into 2023!

Social life: Focus is more on money, love and home life this year. A resolution or healing can take place regarding socialising or creativity. You may patch things up with an old friend or children become more important.

Money: You become more ambitious and want to get ahead starting the year. Your financial zone is busy, and you think of ways to improve your finances. Jupiter blesses you with expansion in your home or family. You either renovate, get a bigger house or family!

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Abstract night sky background
Sagittarius: February to April looks great for love. Photo: Getty

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19)

Career: You have great original ideas at the beginning of the year. Are you thinking about your own business or side hustle perhaps? Unexpected but favourable work-related things happen up until March. Come May, your focus is on your work, wellbeing and health and you may need more solitude to get in contact with your own inner life.

Love life: You change your identity and belief systems to start the year off. You want your appearance to reflect the real you. You change your diet and exercise regime this year. Romance and creativity are also unexpectedly transformed.

Social life: You begin the year with self-promotion, especially in your local area. Friends, community and groups become more important from October, when you deepen your relationships with others.

Money: Your ruler, Saturn, wants structure and limitations around your finances, so be careful with your money at the start of the year. It’s a good time to save and put money away for special projects.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18)

Career: It’s a quieter year on the career front; other things seem more important. There’s a lot happening spiritually and focussing on your dreams, meditations and inner life will pay off as you prepare to burst into the world from your birthday. From October, your general life direction, reputation or career takes centre stage; you become more playful, and fun is on your mind!

Love life: January brings more emotional security and affection into your life. Be patient to reap affectionate rewards. If you’re in a relationship already, it will probably grow deeper.

Social life: Community, friends and groups become more important to you and you’re keen to advance new connections and friendships. You want to come out of your shell, but sometimes you feel unsure about meeting new people.

Money: You start the year with a more realistic and mature attitude and there are unpredictable or weird changes at home or with your family, especially around May. Your finances are likely to increase but be sensible about money and don’t take unnecessary risks wearing rose-coloured glasses!

Pisces (February 19 to March 20):

Career: You’re ambitious and want to push ahead, but unbidden emotions rise up trying to steer you off or on course. You broaden your life through study, spirituality or travel. Foreign connections could be key this year.

Love life: All is quiet on the western front! It’s more about you this year as you change belief systems and develop your self-confidence. You also change your identity – hair, makeup or clothes.

Social life: Friends, groups and general connections become more important. After May you may consider study, travel or spirituality to broaden your mind, particularly after October. You will be growing your life and foreign connections could be involved.

Money: Some sort of healing takes place around your money; maybe you finally come to terms with something that held you back financially. It happens spontaneously! Business or work are more favourable in February and from April onwards, so more money may come your way finally!

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