Shopper horrified by 'grim' discovery in ASOS order

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A woman got more than she bargained for when she ordered a jumpsuit on ASOS. Photo: Getty Images

A shopper has been left reeling after an online order from ASOS arrived with far more than she had bargained for.

Roxy William from Cheltenham in the UK raised the alarm on Twitter when a brand new jumpsuit from the online retailer turned out to have been used in the worst way possible.

The 36-year-old, who goes by Miss Milkshake online, donned the new outfit before work one morning when she realised the jumpsuit was stained with another person’s period blood.

A photo showed the stain that confronted Roxy when she removed the jumpsuit. Photo: Twitter/_Miss_Milkshake

Horrified, Roxy took the business to task with a withering tweet showing the stain in a tummy-turning photo.

“I know some people wash new clothes before they wear them, but you shouldn’t HAVE to wash them first, unlike this supposedly “brand new” jumpsuit I bought on ASOS. Yes, this is SOMEONE ELSE’S PERIOD BLOOD. And it’s hand-wash only,” she wrote.

The Desree Akorahson unitard Roxy ordered. Photo: ASOS

Talking to The Sun, Roxy explained it was in fact after she put the jumpsuit on, and then took it off that she noticed the stain, and narrowly avoided stepping out for the day unaware of what was lurking beneath.

“It’s backless, so I took it off to put another layer on underneath. It was only when it laid inside out that I saw the bloodstains,” she told the online news site.

“For a second I thought I must’ve started my period early but on closer inspection, it was very obviously someone else’s dried period blood.”

Photo: Twitter

Twitter users were quick to react to the terrible find.

“What a way to start the day, Christ on a bike, that is so grim,” one man wrote.

Another woman revealed she had had a similar issue with used clothes, minus the bodily fluids.

“How their quality team can't tell what's been worn is beyond me! Not shocked in the slightly that you received this,” she wrote.

Roxy later shared that the retailer has been in touch with the promise of a refund, and we’re guessing everyone’s going to be deep-cleaning their orders from here on out.

It’s not the first time the retailer has come under fire.

Last year a sex worker revealed the online shopping giant barred her account over her profession.

In a redeeming move, ASOS also garnered praise after a Tinder user who was shamed for the ASOS dress she wore in her Tinder profile picture was made a model on its website.

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