We Asked 10 Guys In NYC - "What's The Most Important Thing In Your Backpack?"

1.Sean B. - "My phone, I gotta stay in touch with everybody."

2.Mark D. - "Whatever I'm reading, I always get antsy on the subway and need something to focus on."

3.Isaac R. - "Snacks... anything with chocolate."

4.Paul F. "I have a little recorder to keep track of my thoughts."

5.Keith S. - "Notebook. I'm a writer, so if I don't have that thing, I'm lost."

6.Brady F. - "My tablet. I'm lost without it... literally."

7.Jim L. - "Can't tell ya that, it's a secret."

8.Craig C. - "Nothing important, I bring it to fill it up."

9.Jeff B. - "My DSLR, it's how I make my cash."

  Daniel Arnold
Daniel Arnold

10.Jason H. "A pen. Just a pen."

Life Is An Adventure - What's The Most Important Thing In Your Backpack?

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