Ashley Graham shows off bikini hack for women with big boobs

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Ashley Graham is no stranger to a good bra hack, which she made known back in May with her life-changing strapless bra tip.

Now she’s pulling a page from body-positivity crusader Allison Kimmey’s book, to achieve a well-fitted bathing suit top.

Allison Kimmey shares her bikini hack. Photo: Instagram

In Ashley’s Instagram story on Tuesday evening, she featured a video from Allison's account showing a better way for women with bigger chests to wear a bikini.

Ashley Graham had her own take on the hack. Photo: Instagram

The video, originally posted on National Bikini Day, revealed Allison's trick to relieving pressure on her neck caused by a halter bathing suit top. By tying each neck string to its opposite back string, you convert the top into a crossback top that distributes pressure evenly on the shoulders and back.

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Yeah, it’s genius.

Ashley showed the trick on a few of her bikinis. Photo: Instagram

The July 5 video has garnered more than 55,000 views, which is now only increasing after Ashley's own take on the hack.

With two different halter tops from her own Swimsuits for All line, Ashley illustrated another comfortable way to make sure you’re getting all the support you need from your bikini.

Ashley and Allison join forces. Photo: Instagram

The model rocked her tops in a straight spaghetti-strap fashion, giving herself the same upgraded support with a seemingly less complicated redesign.

Ashley Graham is rocking it. Photo: Instagram

From the look of her photos, it’s definitely working.

By Kerry Justich

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