Art After Dark: we take a whirlwind tour of actor Jaime Winstone’s special places in the West End

In this episode of Art After Dark, the actress Jaime Winstone takes us on a tour of her special places in Covent Garden, where she’s appearing as Jenny in Danny Robins’ smash hit comedy thriller 2.22 A Ghost Story at the Noel Coward Theatre. The show, which first opened in 2021 with Lily Allen in the role, takes place over one night and one increasingly uncomfortable dinner party at the home of Jenny and her husband Sam. But... what’s that weird noise?

We also visit J. Sheekey, the iconic theatreland restaurant where Winstone remembers falling asleep on the leather banquettes as a child while her parents partied after her dad Ray’s West End shows, and sneak together into the auditorium of the Coliseum on St Martin’s Lane, where English National Opera has its home and for which Winstone is an ambassador. She tells us how opera ignites her imagination, and why she thinks it should keep its beautiful London base.