Arsenal vs Sevilla LIVE! Champions League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Arsenal vs Sevilla LIVE! Champions League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Arsenal vs Sevilla - LIVE!

Arsenal took a major step towards the knockout stages of the Champions League as they eased to a 2-0 win over Sevilla. It was a strong response from Arsenal to what has been a tough run, with defeats to West Ham and Newcastle and controversy after Mikel Arteta's comments following that result at St. James' Park.

The Gunners would have booked their place in the last-16 with two games to spare had their victory here been matched by a Lens win over PSV, but the Dutch side delayed that particular achievement with three points of their own. That will not bother Mikel Arteta too much, with Arsenal well on track to secure top spot in Group B.

Leandro Trossard put the hosts in front in the first-half and Bukayo Saka doubled the advantage after the break as Arsenal eased to a comfortable win. The Gunners have a four-point advantage over PSV and Lens, heading into their final two group-stage matches against those sides.

Arsenal vs Sevilla latest news

  • GOAL! Saka doubles the advantage

  • GOAL! Trossard gives Arsenal deserved lead

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23:01 , Matt Verri

When Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli are in this kind of mood, there is little anyone can do to stop them.

Sevilla learnt that the hard way as the wingers terrorised them all night to put Arsenal on the cusp of qualifying for the last-16 of the Champions League.

Arsenal are now top of Group B and they have a healthy four-point gap over both PSV Eindhoven and Lens with two games to go.

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Big performance from Trossard!

22:09 , Matt Verri

The man who opened the scoring has been giving his post-match reaction...

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

21:59 , Matt Verri

Saka comes onto pitch at full-time and high-fives some team-mates. Still limping. Asked by Ben White what issue is, it seems, and points to left foot.

Good thing is no ice on it and he didn't go straight down tunnel for treatment.

FT: Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:57 , Matt Verri

An actual save for Raya to make with the final kick of the match.

That is that though, job done for Arsenal. They are firmly in control of Group B, even if qualification is not yet officially secured.

Goals on the night from Trossard and Saka.

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:54 , Matt Verri

90+5 mins: We've got a VAR check. Nobody seems to know what for, as per.

Replays show Vieira controlled the ball in his own box, looked initially to be on his chest. Was it his actually his arm?

No. VAR eventually agrees.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:52 , Matt Verri

90+2 mins: Jorginho has stopped in the Sevilla technical area and is coaching his team-mates from there.

He watches on as Havertz is very nearly played in behind, can't quite stretch enough to bring the ball now.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:50 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Six minutes added on.

One final Arsenal change, as Elneny comes on for added-time. Jorginho makes way.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:48 , Matt Verri

88 mins: Saka has to walk around the pitch on his way back to the dugout, so a nice long standing ovation for him.

Sevilla meanwhile aren't quite done, as Lamela dinks a ball to the back post. Gabriel heads it out well.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:45 , Matt Verri

85 mins: He does indeed.

Saka goes down again and this time that will be his night over. Arsenal will desperately hope that isn't serious.

Kiwior on - not exactly a straight swap.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

21:44 , Matt Verri

Surely Arteta has got to get Saka off here? The game is done. No need to have him limping around.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:42 , Matt Verri

82 mins: Concern here for Arsenal, as Saka lands awkwardly and stays down. Looks to have hurt his ankle.

In a lot of pain as the physio moves it around. Back up on his feet now, not moving well at all but he's going to continue.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:40 , Matt Verri

80 mins: Saka appears to be dragged back in the box, but he stays on his feet.

Plays the ball back to Trossard, who can't quite control it and get the shot away. Sevilla clear.

Two Arsenal changes, as Arteta turns to his bench. Vieira and Nelson on for Trossard and Martinelli.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:36 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Sevilla have had enough of Martinelli, that much is for sure.

Ocampos is just off the bench and he charges across to chop the Brazilian down. Yellow card for Ocampos.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:34 , Matt Verri

74 mins: Bit of a warning there for Arsenal.

Long ball forward, Saliba gets underneath it and Diaz is suddenly clean through.

Raya off his line, Diaz squares it but Arsenal manage to scramble the ball away.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:32 , Matt Verri

73 mins: Talking of miserable nights, some cameo that from Soumare.

Off the bench, gets a yellow card within seconds, injuries himself making that foul, limps on for a few minutes and then forced to come off. Strong work.

Diaz on to replace him.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:31 , Matt Verri

72 mins: That is 71 minutes of frustration right there.

Martinelli beats Juanlu to the ball, he's off the pitch as he looks to beat him on the outside (again) and the Sevilla man dives in to bring him down.

Martinelli almost takes out the Sevilla manager in the process. Juanlu earns himself a yellow card, his miserable night continues.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:29 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Brief delay in the match, as Soumare gets some treatment. Hurt himself when smashing into Rice.

He's carrying on for now. Rakitic is also on for Sevilla, replacing Sow.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:27 , Matt Verri

67 mins: White gets to the byline, Havertz very nearly gets on the end of it.

Cleared out to Zinchenko, who lashes a volley at goal... catches it brilliantly and it's parried away by Dmitrovic. Arsenal threatening to really run away with.

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla

21:26 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Soumare off the bench... and into the book.

Within seconds of being introduced, Soumare absolutely flies in on Rice. Terrible tackle, first yellow card of the night.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

21:25 , Matt Verri

It feels like in the Premier League teams routinely double on Martinelli and Saka, but in Europe they haven't.

Happened here with PSV earlier this season and it's the same tonight. Sevilla being punished.

GOAL! Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla | Bukayo Saka 64'

21:23 , Matt Verri

There's the second!

Brilliant finish. Martinelli plays the ball through to Saka, who looks very close to being offside.

He drives through on goal, chops inside onto his left foot and curls the finish into the far corner. Superb.

Replays suggest he is just about onside.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:23 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Pace of the match has slowed down, Sevilla seeing much more of the ball now.

Arsenal letting that happen really, they're happy to sit off when the visitors have it at the back. All very safe.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:20 , Matt Verri

60 mins: Don't want to say Juanlu is hiding... let's just say he is doing his best to stay away from Martinelli.

Jumping out to close down anyone that isn't the Brazilian, leaving Martinelli to his team-mates. Can't blame him.

Ball played inside to Trossard, space in the box but he sweeps the shot wide.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

21:18 , Matt Verri

Much better from Havertz this half. He is playing with purpose and more bite.

You can see his desperate for a goal, though.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:17 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Smirk from Martinelli, as Bade catches him when conceding the corner. Not sure that was entirely accidental from the Sevilla defender.

Martinelli swings it in deep, Havertz lurking but Sevilla head it out and Zinchenko then commits the foul.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:14 , Matt Verri

55 mins: Almost!

Havertz could really have done with that. Edge of the box, on his left foot and he whips a great strike towards the far corner.

Not far away at all.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:12 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Here we go again, Martinelli skips past poor Juanlu on the outside.

To the byline, scoops a great ball to the back post but Havertz stops his run and the ball rolls away to safety.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:10 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Sevilla have at least decided to show some interest in attacking since the break.

Not too much success yet, but some signs of life. Arsenal could really do with a second goal.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

21:08 , Matt Verri

49 mins: An early Sevilla free-kick, a chance for them to actually get bodies in the Arsenal half.

It's not worked out how they hoped - Havertz heads clear and the Gunners fly forward on the counter.

Saka so quick, so direct. Finds Havertz, strike is deflected wide for a corner.

Back underway!

21:05 , Matt Verri

Up and running for the second half.

Tomiyasu off, Zinchenko on at the break. Arteta maybe realising Arsenal don't have any defending to do.

How Arsenal took the lead...

20:58 , Matt Verri

Jorginho, Saka, Trossard, goal!

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

20:50 , Matt Verri

The hosts have dominated and could/should be further ahead.

Martinelli has his opposite number on toast and Saka getting joy on the right too. Lovely goal by Arsenal, with Jorginho opening the defence up.

Sevilla yet to have a shot on goal.

HT: Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:48 , Matt Verri

As one-sided a half as Arteta could have wished for, even if it is only 1-0.

Trossard's goal the difference, with the Belgian finishing off a lovely move. The Gunners need to put this match to bed early in the second half.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:45 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Martinelli burns Juanlu. Yes, again.

Ball looks to be going out of play, but the Brazilian gets there in time and in the same motion flicks it beyond the full-back on the byline.

Clipped to the back post, nobody in a red shirt there though.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:43 , Matt Verri

42 mins: A few niggly fouls in the last couple of minutes, suiting Sevilla just fine.

We've had 13 fouls so far and it's an absolute miracle that the yellow card hasn't come out yet.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:41 , Matt Verri

39 mins: Martinelli again has space to drive into - Sevilla backing away from him as fast as they possibly can.

Utter dominance from Arsenal, they need a second goal so the scoreline starts to reflect that.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

20:40 , Matt Verri

As pointed out by my esteemed colleague, Sevilla are just going long here.

It's a bizarre play, not least because that is exactly what Saliba loves. Flawless from the Frenchman so far.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:37 , Matt Verri

35 mins: Might need to be some sort of Mercy Rule on that left wing. Martinelli is running them ragged.

On the opposite flank, Arsenal win a foul just outside the area out wide. Great position for Saka to whip this in with pace.

Or not, dinked in and easily punched away.

Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla

20:33 , Matt Verri

32 mins: That's the kind of attacking football that Arsenal have been lacking in recent weeks. So good.

Now, can they kick on and really take control? Sevilla look there for the taking.

GOAL! Arsenal 1-0 Sevilla | Leandro Trossard 29'

20:31 , Matt Verri

Well that was coming!

Arsenal finally have the goal they deserve. Superb pass to open Sevilla up from Jorginho sets Saka in on goal, he squares it perfectly for Trossard and the Belgian sweeps home the first-time finish.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

20:30 , Matt Verri

 Juanlu having a torrid time at right-back. Martinelli is beating him time and time again.

Arsenal's plan is simple right now: get the ball to Martinelli.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:30 , Matt Verri

28 mins: Difficult to emphasise enough just how one-sided Martinelli's battle with Juanlu is.

The Arsenal man is beating the defender every single time, he's just far too quick. Time and time again he's getting to the byline, the cut-backs haven't quite been good enough yet.

Dan Kilpatrick at the Emirates Stadium

20:29 , Matt Verri

It is quite unusual these days to see a team at this level consistently go long, but that is all Sevilla are offering so far.

Every time they get on the ball, the visitors play direct to En-Nesyri, which is making it simple for Arsenal to win back possession.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:28 , Matt Verri

26 mins: Trossard pokes the ball away from a defender in the box, opts not to go down.

Saka then does appeal for a penalty, as he drives between a couple of Sevilla shirts. Referee not interested.

It's relentless pressure from Arsenal, they come again. Havertz down., waved away again, before Jorginho fires over the bar.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:25 , Matt Verri

24 mins: Optimistic.

Martinelli beats Sanchez yet again, cross into the box is headed out to Jorginho on the edge of the area.

He lays it off to White, who goes for a first-time effort with his left foot. High and wide.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:24 , Matt Verri

22 mins: White kicks the ball straight off a Sevilla player, and from two yards away the linesman somehow gives a throw-in to the visitors.

Trossard absolutely bemused - and the referee is over to have a word with him. Belgian making his feelings very clear on that bizarre decision.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:21 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Saka will take this free-kick himself, but he fires the strike miles over the bar. Not his best, to put it mildly.

Arsenal need to keep getting the ball to Saka and Martinelli, Sevilla cannot live with them.

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

20:19 , Matt Verri

Saka getting frustrated here. Fourth time inside 17 minutes he has been brought down.

No card for a Sevilla player yet.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:19 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Salas' turn to lunge in on Saka and bring him down, just outside the area.

That's the fourth time Saka has been fouled already - he's getting very irritated. Referee content to keep just giving free-kicks for now.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:18 , Matt Verri

16 mins: Not sure Sevilla have left their half yet, but Arsenal unable to create any clear-cut chances since that very early Havertz header.

Good pace to Arsenal's play, this has been a very decent start.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:15 , Matt Verri

14 mins: That's three for Gudelj. This time he just drags Havertz to the ground, again the referee has no interest in bringing out a yellow card.

Might be wise for the Sevilla defender to calm down a bit...

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:14 , Matt Verri

12 mins: Another nice burst of acceleration from Martinelli.

Rice and Trossard both have chances to get a shot away in the box, take too long to do so though and Sevilla can scramble it clear.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:11 , Matt Verri

10 mins: Sensing a theme?

Gudelj lunges in on Saka, Arsenal man is too quick for him and it's another foul. A yellow card cannot be far away.

Officials testing Arteta's patience early...

Simon Collings at the Emirates Stadium

20:10 , Matt Verri

That early miss typifies how Havertz's confidence must be low.

There was just no conviction in that header at all. What a waste.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:09 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Terrible pass from Jorginho, straight to Lamela.

The former Spurs man repays the favour though and Arsenal can break through Saka. He looks to go on the outside, Gudelj just about gets enough of a foot it.

The Sevilla then opts for something a little less subtle, clattering into Saka from behind.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla

20:05 , Matt Verri

4 mins: Martinelli looks really sharp on that left wing.

Rice getting well forward to on that flank, Arsenal definitely have their focus on attacking Sevilla's right side.

It means Saka hasn't had a touch yet.

Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla


1 min: Fast start this from Arsenal, direct running from Martinelli and they have a corner inside 30 seconds.

It's Martinelli to swing it in, Havertz completely free at the back post and he heads wide! Big, big chance.

Should really have scored from there, made an awful mess of it.


20:01 , Matt Verri

We're underway at the Emirates!

20:00 , Matt Verri

Jorginho once again with the captain's armband for Arsenal tonight, in the absence of Odegaard.

Few more handshakes, more pictures. We are finally ready.

Here we go

19:55 , Matt Verri

Teams in the tunnel - Arsenal eventually appear after making Sevilla wait for a while.

Every little helps...

Ten minute warning!

19:51 , Matt Verri

Warm-ups are done, we will be up and running in about ten minutes.

Remember, victories for Arsenal and Lens tonight and both will be through to the last-16 of the Champions League with two games to spare.

The Gunners host the French side next, before travelling to face PSV in their final group-stage match.

Familiar face!

19:44 , Matt Verri

Erik Lamela starts for Sevilla tonight.

Everything is in play with the former Spurs man - yellow cards, red cards, rabonas, fights.

Can normally rely on him to deliver some entertainment.

Not long now...

19:38 , Matt Verri

Just over 20 minutes to go until kick-off in north London.

Arsenal will be relieved to be back on home soil, after defeats on the road to West Ham and Newcastle.

The Gunners have been beaten three times in all competitions this season - they have all come away from the Emirates.

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Pre-match thoughts from the Arsenal boss!

19:33 , Matt Verri

Mikel Arteta has been speaking ahead of what he has labelled a "beautiful evening against a big European team".

Can Trossard fill the void?

19:24 , Matt Verri

Creativity has been an issue for Arsenal, who are ranked 15th in the Premier League this season for ‘big chances created’.

Injuries have been a key factor behind a lack of cohesion and only twice in their first 17 games have Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard all started together.

Arteta must get creative to solve his side’s attacking issues, particularly with no recognised striker available tonight.

Trossard gets the nod through the middle - he likes to drop off and drift out wide, making him a close fit to what Jesus offers. Big night for the Belgian.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Arteta: We have to take our chance

19:18 , Matt Verri

If Arsenal win tonight, and Lens do likewise against PSV, the Gunners will be through to the knockout stages of the Champions League with two matches to spare.

Mikel Arteta wants his side to be ruthless in getting the job done as quickly as possible.

"The moment you have a chance in football to put it to bed, do it," Arteta said in his pre-match press conference.

"We have to do a lot of things right to earn the right to win it and against a really good team with enormous experience in this competition.

"We have to prove it in front of our people how excited we are to play that game and what it means for us."

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Simon Collings and Dan Kilpatrick at the Emirates

19:13 , Matt Verri

Pre-match thoughts on Mikel Arteta's big selection decisions...

Arsenal to be galvanised?

19:07 , Matt Verri

It is hard to remember Mikel Arteta being as furious as he was on Saturday evening.

The Arsenal manager was utterly scathing in his response to Anthony Gordon's winning goal for Newcastle surviving three separate VAR checks.

"I feel embarrassed," said Arteta after Arsenal suffered their first Premier League defeat of the season. "I feel sick to be part of this."

Arteta's fury should not mask what was a frustrating evening on Tyneside for Arsenal, who managed only one shot on target despite having 59 per cent possession in the 1-0 defeat. The Arsenal boss needs to instead focus on getting his attack firing.

Much has been made of the new atmosphere at the Emirates under Arteta — and his comments on Saturday will help to create a siege mentality ahead of games against Sevilla on Wednesday and then Burnley on Saturday.

It is a tactic managers have used countless times and, regardless of whether Arteta's grievances with the standard of officiating are true, the by-product is his comments should galvanise players and fans as Arsenal seek to ignite their season.

Read more on that here!


Sevilla team news

19:00 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Dmitrovic, Juanlu, Bade, Gudelj, Salas, Fernando, Lamela, Sow, Jordan, Pedrosa, En-Nesyri

Subs: Alberto, Gattoni, Ocampos, Suso, Mir, Rakitic, Lukebakio, Mariano, Nianzou, Navas, Oliver, Soumare

Sevilla in the building!

18:57 , Matt Verri

The visitors have arrived at the Emirates...

Arsenal duo miss out

18:55 , Matt Verri

So, no Eddie Nketiah or Martin Odegaard for Arsenal as expected. The Gunners' injury issues continue to grow.

Mikel Arteta has opted for Leandro Trossard through the middle up front, with Kai Havertz staying in midfield alongside Declan Rice and Jorginho.

The other big call comes at left-back - Takehiro Tomiyasu again preferred to Oleksandr Zinchenko.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Arsenal team news

18:49 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu; Jorginho, Rice, Havertz; Saka, Trossard, Martinelli

Subs: Ramsdale, Hein, Cedric, Kiwior, Zinchenko, Vieira, Nelson, Elneny, Cozier-Duberry, Sagoe Jr

Stand by...

18:43 , Matt Verri

We should be getting all the team news from north London in the next few minutes.

Odegaard and Nketiah both major doubts - how will Arsenal line up if they are ruled out?

We'll find out very shortly!

Arsenal risk FA charge

18:34 , Matt Verri

The Football Association (FA) have written to both Mikel Arteta and Arsenal to seek their observations following comments made in the media after Saturday’s game at Newcastle.

The Gunners boss called Anthony Gordon's winning goal for Newcastle an “absolute disgrace” following his side's 1-0 loss at St James’ Park.

Arteta described the decision to award the goal as “embarrassing” and said that he felt “ashamed” by the standard of officiating in the Premier League.

Arsenal then issued a statement in which they “wholeheartedly” backed Arteta’s comments “after yet more unacceptable refereeing and VAR errors”.

Arsenal are at risk of having breached FA rules regarding media comments, specifically Rule E3.1.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Montage time!

18:25 , Matt Verri

Sevilla have been enjoying their time in London...

Xhaka happy to be back in Germany

18:18 , Matt Verri

Granit Xhaka has revealed he "cried tears of joy" when his move from Arsenal to Bayer Leverkusen was sealed.

The midfielder left the Emirates Stadium over the summer after seven eventful years in north London.

The Swiss midfielder, now 31, moved to the Bundesliga for around £20million to join Xabi Alonso's high-flying Bayer side, who currently sit top of the league after nine wins and a draw in their first 10 games with Xhaka one of their star performers.

Xhaka is back in German football for the first time since a four-year spell with Borussia Monchengladbach and says he was desperate to return.

"I’m a very emotional person, I like to cry and I’m not ashamed of it,” he told Leverkusen's club channel 'The Werkself Friend Book'

"Of course, I also cried for joy at times. For example, when I made my transfer here to Leverkusen.

"I also cried tears of joy because I really wanted to go back. I think it’s also part of it as a person."

[object Object] (Getty Images)
[object Object] (Getty Images)

As it stands

18:11 , Matt Verri

Arsenal sit top of Group B at the halfway stage.

They have six points from their three matches, just ahead of Lens - who beat them in France - on five.

Sevilla and PSV both have two points and really need their first wins of the campaign.

If Arsenal and Lens win tonight, both will be through to the knockout stages with two games to spare.

Only one story in town this week...

18:03 , Matt Verri

Mikel Arteta defended his attack on referees and said he will continue to publicly criticise officiating mistakes.

The Arsenal manager called Anthony Gordon’s winning goal for Newcastle an “absolute disgrace” after his side lost 1-0 at St James’ Park on Saturday.

Arteta described the decision as “embarrassing” and said he felt “ashamed” by the standard of officiating in the Premier League.

Arsenal then issued a statement in which they “wholeheartedly” backed Arteta’s comments “after yet more unacceptable refereeing and VAR errors”.

Speaking ahead of tonight's Champions League clash, Arteta said: “It is my duty to stand in front of you, to stand in front of the cameras, and give a very clear and honest assessment of what happened in the game.

"And this is what I did, reflect very openly on how I felt that the team played and how the game was conditioned by the decisions that were made.

“It is the duty. My duty is to be defending my players, supporting my players, my club, defending my people in the best possibly way and this is what I am going to do time after time."

[object Object] (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
[object Object] (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Stage is set!

17:56 , Matt Verri

Big night ahead in north London...

Standard Sport prediction

17:50 , Matt Verri

It turned into a nervy finale in Spain when these two sides met a fortnight ago, with Arsenal just about holding on.

While they will hope for a more comfortable night at home, the Gunners' recent struggles up front suggest they are unlikely to run away with this in a comprehensive fashion.

Arsenal to win, 2-0.

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Sevilla team news

17:47 , Matt Verri

Sevilla will be without Sergio Ramos in north London - the centre-back has not travelled as he continues to be hampered by a leg injury. Orjan Nyland and Marcos Acuna will also not be involved.

Youssef En-Nesyri will hope to lead the line for the visitors, having come off the bench over the weekend to equalise late on against Celta Vigo.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Arsenal team news

17:41 , Matt Verri

Eddie Nketiah has faced a late fitness test ahead of tonight's clash, while Martin Odegaard is set to miss out.

The striker missed training on Tuesday afternoon with a knock and his absence would leave Arsenal short on attacking options, with Gabriel Jesus already out.

Kai Havertz may have to step up and lead the line, although Leandro Trossard is an option there too.

Captain Odegaard is expected to be ruled out the game at the Emirates Stadium. The midfielder has been struggling with a hip issue and missed Saturday’s defeat by Newcastle.

Arsenal have a number of injuries at the moment to key players and Jesus is still out, despite being called up by Brazil for international duty on Monday.

Predicted Arsenal XI: (4-3-3): Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Vieira, Jorginho, Rice; Saka, Havertz, Martinelli


How to watch Arsenal vs Sevilla

17:35 , Matt Verri

TV channel: In the UK, tonight's game will be televised live on TNT Sports 2, with coverage beginning at 7pm GMT ahead of an 8pm kick-off.

Live stream: Subscribers can also catch the contest live online via the Discovery+ app.

Live blog: You can follow all the action tonight right here, with expert analysis from Simon Collings and Dan Kilpatrick at the Emirates.

Good evening!

17:30 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of Arsenal vs Sevilla!

The Gunners come into this off the back of two defeats and they badly need a response in north London tonight.

Despite those domestic stumbles, they remain in good shape in the Champions League and victory here would represent a major step towards qualification for the knockout stages.

We'll have all the latest updates, build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 8pm GMT. Stay with us!

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)