Arizona Republicans Indicted for Delaying 2022 Election Certification

Peggy Judd and Terry Thomas Crosby, both members of the Cochise County, Arizona Election Board, have been indicted on charges related to their alleged efforts to subvert the certification of Arizona’s 2022 midterm results.

Arizona’s Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes announced on Wednesday that an Arizona grand jury had indicted Judd and Crosby on Monday. The pair are accused of having “conspired to delay the canvass of votes cast in Cochise County in the November 2022 General Election,” and having “knowingly interfered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s ability to complete the statewide canvass” in the time period allotted by the state’s law.

Judd and Crosb attempted to flout a deadline to certify the results of the 2022 state midterm election in their county, a move that threatened the overall certification of the state’s election results. The county board ratified the results days before the deadline only after a judge ordered them to do so. While Judd complied with the order, Crosby skipped the final vote entirely.

The charges against Judd and Crosby are the latest in a slew of indictments by state officials across the country against Republican operatives who have attempted to interfere with election results, particularly in the aftermath of the 2020 election. As previously reported by Rolling Stone, sources with knowledge of the matter have indicated that Mayes’ office is probing the extent to which Donald Trump and his allies were directly involved in efforts to subvert Arizona’s 2020 election results. Earlier this year, Mayes opened an investigation into efforts by Republicans to create a slate of fake pro-Trump electors that would help subvert the congressional certification of the Electoral College vote.

In her statement on Judd and Crosby’s arrest, Mayes wrote that “the repeated attempts to undermine our democracy are unacceptable … I took an oath to uphold the rule of law, and my office will continue to enforce Arizona’s elections laws and support our election officials as they carry out the duties and responsibilities of their offices.”

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