Aries Daily Horoscope – October 10 2019

Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow

If you want to “get stuff done” before Mercury retrograde starts, do it now! The Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow. That means whatever is happening now is like a foretaste of the issues likely to come up for you when we move into Mercury retrograde proper. So pay attention!

Your Daily Forecast

As the Moon slips into your secluded 12th sector today, you might enjoy turning your attention to your inner landscape. Emotions can be heightened now, so spending time alone or journaling can really help you process any lingering feelings or support your creative flow. A dramatic Full Moon occurs in your sign later this week. Now, it will be useful to know what it is you want and define exactly how you feel. If you’re not quite certain what that is, then spending time in or by the water can help release your emotions and restore your body, mind and spirit.

Do you love astrology and crystals?

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