Aries Daily Horoscope – June 19 2020

Energy in your house today is bringing a lot of demands to bear on you. You’ll feel like lots of people are asking too much of you and expecting you to bend to their will when and how they want you to. There’s a simple answer to this problem and an easy way out of this – just say no. You like to please people, but you have to put yourself first sometimes and saying no is often the only way.

There’s a New Moon eclipse this weekend…

Eclipses are when the Universe changes gears. If you’re ready to do that, then make sure to tune into the New Moon eclipse this weekend. It’s the time to set your intentions for the second half of this crazy year. We are here to create. The Universe WANTS you to create. You came here to create. So what are you creating? I’m giving away free access to me Eclipse Secrets Masterclass to everyone who pre-orders my Moonology Diary 2021. Your invitation to the Masterclass is here.