Aries Daily Horoscope – June 11 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in about one week from now.

So what can you expect?
Nothing will be set in stone regarding your family or your home when Mercury ‘goes backwards’ through your 4th House next week. There could be confusion arising on the domestic front, or delays, or you could find something from your past being dug up somehow. For example, someone important from your past could come up in conversation, and suddenly you find yourself up to date with their news, whether you wanted to be or not. Or perhaps you’re clearing up your home (or renovating or moving) and you find some item from your past that takes you down memory lane. Family issues from the past can come up again and even be solved now. If you’re not happy with the way your home is organized, now is an ideal time to redo it. For some, there will be big confusion about whether to stay or leave their current home, and others will have the chance to revisit a place they used to call home. Don’t feel pressured into making decisions. Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.