Aries Daily Horoscope – June 10 2020

A deep desire to connect with the inner workings of your soul may inspire you to take time away from a busy schedule or keep a low profile today. Allowing yourself to rest or be guided by a higher power may offer you the solace or sense of purpose you’re looking for. Being gentle, especially toward yourself may be necessary, as shifting desires need time to process and work through. Connecting with a friend or trusted confidant may help you make sense of it all.

Who would you love to make up with?

Just got this email – made my day. It’s from someone who did my Venus retrograde course. “Many, many thanks for the Venus retrograde course. It really happened like magic and the door to my friend reopened after four (!) months of complete silence.” Start with the free 3-part course here and progress to the full one if you’re inspired!