Aries Daily Horoscope – December 5 2019

This is a day to go out and show the world your talents and assets. The emphasis is on how you look, and if you’re not too happy with that state of affairs, this is the time of the month to give yourself a makeover – be it a new hairstyle or some new clothes. Also be aware that the Moon is all about feelings, and as she passes through this ‘front door’ of your chart (because that’s what the 1st House is), you could be way more emotional than usual. That’s okay: we all have to deal with our feelings every now and then, and the Moon in the 1st House is an exceedingly good time to do so. Also be aware that the Moon here exacerbates your rising sign. So if you have a really outgoing rising sign, such as Aries or Leo, you could be more ‘out there’ than usual. On the contrary, more timid types, such as Virgos and Cancerians, may want to keep a lower profile. PS Order my Moonology Diary 2020 and get a free 90-minute workshop! Just click here.