Aries Daily Horoscope – 06 January 2022

·1-min read

A last look at the year ahead…

Over the past few days I have run horoscopes about the year ahead, the overall outlook and about and so on. Today it’s about career in 2022. You can read more about all this in my eZine here.
Career Start the year by working through any fears you know you have around being successful. What holds you back. Even consider talking to a counsellor if you know that’s what it’ll take to clear your success blocks. It’s time to blast away any past career dramas. Move on from them. May takes you on a new career trajectory towards professional accolades.
PS Want to manifest your dream life in 2022? Follow the Moon! Now on January 15 I be running a workshop about how to go that. Click here for info and tickets here.

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