Ariel Winter ready for adult roles post-Modern Family

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Ariel Winter is ready for new roles after Modern Family wraps up it's final season. Photo: Instagram/arielwinter

Ariel Winter is best known for playing clever, bookish Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, but now she’s looking to leave childish things behind.

The star was initially cast at just 11 years old back in 2009, and has now played Alex for over a decade.

Ariel Winter got her start playing Alex Dunphy (L) on Modern Family. Photo: ABC

Her character started off as a child, but hasn’t had the same glow up Ariel herself underwent over the past few years.

The star wowed with a far more mature look when she hit red carpets to promote the show, but on screen remained the exact same character to the blossoming actresses frustration.

Now with the show wrapping up it’s 11th and final season the actress says she’s ready to sink her teeth into some more age-appropriate gigs.

Ariel says she's ready to embrace more mature roles as the show wraps up. Photo: Getty Images

She told The Hollywood Reporter she was ready for something more challening.

“Alex is a great character but Alex doesn’t change a ton,” she said.

“I was a kid as Alex on the show and now I’m an adult as Alex, so it’s a little different than the roles I want to play... I want to just play my age now.”

Where Ariel was embracing a sexier look in real life, on-screen Alex Dunphy remained unchanged. Photo: Getty Images

The stars very public transition from child star to her own adult played out in a very public arena.

She made headlines after she emancipated herself from her mother before her 18th birthday, and said her older sister was her legal guardian from the ages of 14 to 17.

She debuted a number of jaw-dropping outfits, rocking red carpets in mature outfits that were as far from the conservative attire preferred by Alex Dunphy as humanely possible.

She told the news site that daring to rock something a bit sexier than her onscreen character lead to endless commentary online that hugely affected her relationship with her physical looks.

Ariel Winter got a breast reduction after being criticised for having natural breasts that looked 'too adult'. Photo: Getty Images

She underwent a breast reduction back in 2015, and one reason she cited was the backlash over her ‘innappropriate’ red carpet attire.

“There was so little that I could wear that was age-appropriate,” she told Glamour at the time.

“It's not like I wanted to pick out those inappropriate dresses, it's just that I didn't really have another choice, or I was going to get ridiculed."

These days Ariel still stops traffic on the red carpet and Instagram, and says she’s trying to ignore the endless comments, though it’s a work in progress.

“I try now to ignore the mean comments. I have not had a lot of success with ignoring them recently,” she admitted.

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