Aquarius Daily Horoscope – September 29 2019


Have you every wondered about Mercury retrograde? It’s one of the most common phenomena — and it’s fast becoming one of the most well known.

The next Mercury retrograde cycle is going to start almost exactly a month for now, and there are various ways that you can get ready.

Here are the upcoming Mercury retrograde dates:

31 Oct 2019 Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio

20 Nov 2019 Mercury retrograde ends in Scorpio

So if you’re a Scorpio, should you be alarmed? Not at all! Mercury retrograde offers up all kinds of opportunities such as the chance to







And so on. And we will all get the chance, just in different parts of our life, depending on our sign or Rising Sign.

Ways to get ready for Mercury retrograde a month out include:

Backing up your computer drives (especially photos and phone)

Signing off on any travel plans you want set in stone

Signing any contracts which you definitely don’t want to renegotiate later

Buying any electronic or transport-related equipment you have on your wish list

Mentally preparing to slow things down rather than forge ahead

If you would like to learn how to tell which part of your chart Mercury is affecting every time, I have a mini-explainer-video for that. It’s all part of the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide I’ve put together for you when you pre-order my forthcoming book The Mercury Retrograde Book, co-authored with Kin Farnell.

You’ll also go in the draw to win a hand-drawn (by yourself truly) Mercury retrograde planner and more!

Have a great week!

Next week, the Full Moon!

PS The link again for the Mercury retrograde free bonuses and goodies is here.