Aquarius Daily Horoscope – January 17 2020

It’s now been a week since the Full Moon eclipse. How are you doing? Remember whatever is coming up for you now is doing so in order for you to deal with it. As you might have read yesterday, Mercury just changed signs. The good news is that today, Mercury, the communications planet, is linking to Chiron, the wounded healer. If you have been hurt in the past day or so, you could find a conversation you have now makes everything better. Just don’t get cocky!
There is still a lot going on for you that you don’t particularly want to talk about with other people, and that’s fine. However today, you could find that if you have a problem you need to share, you really will halve it (as they say – a problem shared is a problem halved). People are not going to judge you and sometimes talking things through with an unbiased observer will help you find a solution which otherwise evaded you.

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