Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 04 January 2022

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Your Love Life in 2022…

Exciting transitions are peppered throughout the year, where much of your focus will be on your career and family life. At times, life may feel chaotic as new possibilities manifest sooner than you expect. July to September are your most promising periods in love. It will pay off to lavish some attention on a loved one or show your appreciation of their support. As life is in flux, it will be important to make your voice heard too, especially when it comes to your future plans together. Enjoying the lighter side of love is likely in August and September. PS Find out more about your year ahead – based on your time, date and place of birth – for free here!
Power Dates: May 11 – thinking positively becomes easier. August 7 – don’t lose your cool! December 12 – life goes your way.

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