Apple's 10.2-inch iPad with LTE drops to $380 on Amazon

Christine Fisher
Contributing Writer
Apple 10.2-inch iPad

Amazon’s latest sale on the 10.2-inch iPad with cellular drops the price down from $460 to $380. That’s the lowest price the cellular model has been on Amazon, and it’s close to the regular price of the WiFi-only model. The discount makes it a good deal if you need an iPad with LTE connectivity and can get by with just 32GB of storage.

Buy 10.2-inch iPad with cellular - $380

When we reviewed the 10.2-inch iPad last fall, we gave it a score of 86. It’s bigger (obviously) and has great software and decent battery life (as you’d expect from Apple). But it’s no faster than its predecessor. As we said originally, the 10.2-inch iPad (or 2019 iPad) gets enough right that it’s still the best reasonably priced tablet on the market, and with this discount, it’s an even better buy.

This model has one of Apple’s magnetic Smart Connector ports, which is a useful addition. The Retina display is only half an inch bigger than the screen in older models, but it still offers vivid colors, and Apple has increased the brightness a bit. The 2019 iPad still uses a lighting cable for charging and includes a headphone jack.

There’s no Face ID, so you’ll use a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device, and the base model (which this discount applies to) only offers 32GB of storage. You’ll have to decide if that’s enough, and if you need to spend the extra cash to get the LTE connectivity.