Apology after pet parrot interrupts Orkney football match

The owner of a pet parrot has apologised after it disrupted a football match in Orkney.

Carla Brown said her macaw Blu was frightened by a seagull and crows on Thursday evening in Stromness.

After flying over the Stromness and Hotspurs players, taking part in a Reid Cup match, Blu managed to return.

Stromness were 4-0 down at the time, but after Blu's intervention the game ended 5-5, with Stromness eventually winning on penalties.

Stromness midfielder Andrew Groundwater said his side were thinking of adopting Blu as their lucky mascot after his side's remarkable comeback.

Loud squawking

Carla said Blu often flies in open spaces.

"This seagull decided to chase him so he was flying a few loops trying to land back to me," she told BBC Radio Orkney. "Then crows got involved.

"Then he flew down to the Market Green, they had a football match on, so he flew between the people that were playing football unfortunately.

"He was quite loud about it, squawking. Then he managed to do his loop back. He was fine.

"We are very sorry for interrupting a football match."