What Taylor Swift finally accepting Katy Perry's apology really means

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After sharing a photo of an apology note she received from Katy Perry, singer Taylor Swift has confirmed her long-running feud with the Roar hitmaker is finally over.

The pair first started battling back in 2013, and while Katy has been trying to call it a truce for quite some time, it’s taken Taylor a good five years to finally put the past behind.

But has she actually let go of the grudge? Or is this all a publicity stunt? Here we investigate what Taylor accepting Katy’s apology could really mean.

It seems the long feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift may be over after six years. Source: Getty

They are now going to collaborate on some sweet music: 

Bad Blood was spilled between the two when Taylor’s backing dancers left her tour to dance on Katy’s, leading the Delicate singer to feel as if she was being “sabotaged”.

But if these two are now back on with their BFF status, we could see them reunite on stage or even collaborate on a song.

Remember when 33-year-old Katy, took to the stage during Taylor’s stage during her ‘Fearless’ tour to surprise fans in LA with a surprise duet performance of her Hot N Cold? It was actually amazing.

Just imagine a mash up of Look What You Made Me Do and Bon Appétit. I can’t even deal.

Now the pair, seen here in 2009, have made-up it could be the start of something beautiful. Source: Getty

They won’t be singing about the feud anymore: 

Both ladies have drawn musical inspiration from their fight in the past, so this could be the start of some epic tunes being written.

You know how musicians love to write about their feelings.

Taylor, 28, in particular loves to sing about her personal life.

Their careers have changed a lot since they fell out back in 2013, seen here in 2010, the same year they performed together in LA. Source: Getty

The might gang up on Kanye together:

In her latest album Reputation, she makes reference to her ongoing feud with rapper Kanye in the track, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. 

KP’s tract Swish, Swish which was widely interpreted as a dig at the Blank Space songstress, though this was never confirmed.

Think of the endless possibilities these two could jam about.

We could also see some serious girl power emerge.

Katy once publicly stood up for Taylor at the very start of the Kanye saga, when he interrupted her Best Female Video acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs to declare that Beyoncé should have been the winner. 

But Katy’s olive branch gift could signal her support in that battle too, which now also includes wife Kim Kardashian.

Both singers have drawn musical inspiration from their feud, with Bad Blood reportedly being based on Katy Perry’s attempt to “sabotage” Taylor’s tour. Source: YouTUbe/TaylorSwift
Katy didn’t deal when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s in 2010, seen here. Source: Getty
Source: Twitter

They will unite on the MTV VMAs stage this year: 

I’d lose it if the girls both performed together at the prestigious MTV even this year. Take that Kimye.

It was only back in 2015 when Taylor won a gong for her Bad Blood music video with her mega girl squad by her side. And it was all apparently a jibe against Taylor.

Can you imagine a complete 360 turnaround three years later?

Katy and Orlando have reunited, after splitting in March 2017. Pictured here together at a religious event in April 2018. Source: Getty

It is all a farce and they are publicity hungry divas (gosh, I hope not): 

Katy seems to be enjoying reconciling with past loves, after recently reuniting with her ex Orlando Bloom.

However, I can’t help but feel a slight bit of skepticism about this huge gesture, despite Taylor declaring earlier today on her Instagram stories that it “meant the world” to her.

Along with the wreath — which was made out of olive branches — was a letter, that although not fully visible we can see part of it.

The pair have buried the hatchet after Katy sent this handwritten apology to Taylor. Source: Instagram/TaylorSwift

“Hey Old Friend — I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us,” Katy said, before adding she was “deeply sorry” and wanted to “clear the air”.

Clearly sent to Taylor ahead of the first day of her ‘Reputation World Tour’, which kicks off in Arizona tonight, Swifties are suggesting Katy is trying to reboot her failing career.

She also posed alongside Kim Kardashian last night at a Met Gala after-party, which doesn’t signal a strong allegiance with Tay.

While my heart wants these Queens to be back on track, I also can’t deny that Katy’s popularity has been struggling recently.

Katy was seen talking to Kim Kardashian at the 2018 Met Gala, which could be a problem for Taylor as they don’t get on. Source: Getty

The I Kissed A Girl singer has been struggling to shift tickets to her ‘Prism Tour’ even offering bargain price tickets on discount websites.

For now though, both women seem happy to put their bitter past behind them.

With Katy once accusing Taylor of being the “Regina George in sheep’s clothing”, I for one am definitely keen to see these two kiss and makeup. 

It was definitely time for the pair to Shake It Off. 

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