'Anything can happen as long as we dare to do'

Tottenham fan's voice graphic
Tottenham fan's voice graphic

Anna Howells, Spurs XY

For the first time in a long time, Tottenham fans were eager for Premier League football to return after the international break. We wanted 'Angeball' back.

During this time, the Rugby World Cup started. Now the only reason I bring this up is to point out the stark contrast in officiating between the sports - because, quite frankly, football could learn a thing or two.

I try my best not to let the referee's decisions affect my overall attitude during the game, but that was almost impossible on Saturday.

I really wish officials in football were required to wear microphones, so they could explain their decisions and also be held accountable for them. I think clearer communication, allowing for a conversation to happen between referee and players (maybe not all of them at once) and explaining decisions would go a long way in improving the sport.

On a more positive note, Richarlison got his first goal at home, almost as if he was rewarded for opening up about his mental health issues from recent times. I really hope this is the start of a new and better chapter for him.

The commitment the players showed, the unreal support from the fans and the desire to play until the final whistle all ensured that we continued the unbeaten league record under Ange Postecoglou.

We have a tough couple of games coming up, but anything can happen as long as we dare to do.

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