ANTM teen blasts Alex Perry: 'At least my lips are real'

Yasmin Vought

As a judge on Australia's Next Top Model, Alex Perry's job is to give feedback to the bunch of young Aussie girls vying to be the next big thing.

But when you're a teenager and your confidence takes a blow, sometimes the sass comes out in full force.

That's exactly what happened during last night's episode of the reality TV series when 19-year-old Kassidy didn't like the feedback she received from the Australian fashion designer.

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"I think this misses the mark," the designer told the budding model of her latest shoot. "It's kind of catalogue for me."

Oh. Burn. For aspiring top models, the catwalks of Milan are where you wanna be - not the page six underwear section of the Kmart catalogue.

Kassidy was not happy to hear she looked like a catalogue model. Source: Foxtel

"It's kind of like in the middle," he adds. "It's no-man's land. It's not quite strong enough. Your face could be stronger.

"I've seen much better of you than that, so I'm going to give you a 6.5."

At the time, Kassidy listened intently with her sad face firmly on, but she then switched when it came to her post-interview to camera.

Kassidy revealed her true feelings to the camera later on. Source: Foxtel

"He just blatantly didn't like my photos, and he's like, 'I don't like it. You look catalogue," she said in response to the 53-year-old's feedback.

Accusing Alex of going under the knife, she then quipped: "Thanks, at least my lips are real."

And that was the moment when the sometimes brutally honest Alex Perry finally met his match.

Australia's Next Top Model airs Tuesdays at 7:30pm on FOX 8.

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