Anthony Bourdain Had A Strong Opinion On The Heart Attack Grill

Anthony Bourdain close up
Anthony Bourdain close up - Jason Laveris/Getty Images

Anyone familiar with Anthony Bourdain knows that the legendary chef and TV host had plenty of strong opinions — and he wasn't shy about sharing them (think of his legendary hatred of brunch). That's particularly true when it came to food and restaurants, including one Las Vegas establishment famous for gluttony.

The restaurant that was the target of Bourdain's criticism is the Heart Attack Grill, located on Fremont Street in Vegas' off-Strip downtown district. In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit in 2016, Bourdain brought up the eatery while responding to a question about what foods Americans should stop eating. After rattling off a long list that included deep-fried food, oversized sodas, fast food chains, and more specific complaints like "BBQ in a nori roll," he also mentioned theme restaurants like the Heart Attack Grill.

The chef noted the restaurant's unique offer that anyone who weighs in at over 350 pounds on a public scale in the dining area gets to eat for free, which he called "pretty much a war crime." Likely to Bourdain's dismay, many of the reactions from other users seemed more intrigued than disgusted by the restaurant's existence.

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A Heart-Stopping Menu (Literally)

Heart Attack Grill signage
Heart Attack Grill signage - Lisa Noble/Getty Images

Reddit users certainly aren't alone in their fascination with the one-of-a-kind restaurant. Diners are given a hospital-style gown by waitresses dressed like nurses when they arrive. The eye-popping menu includes burgers ranging from a single patty to the eight-patty Octuple Bypass Burger, to which diners can add a whopping 40 slices of bacon. Guests should be careful not to over-order, as those who don't finish their meal are at risk of being publicly spanked by their waitresses. Meanwhile, drinkers can enjoy wine from an IV bag or jello shots provided in plastic syringes.

The name isn't entirely light-hearted. At least one regular customer and "unofficial spokesman" passed away from a heart attack outside the restaurant, while another man suffered a heart attack in the middle of eating one of the oversized burgers. While Bourdain certainly publicly indulged in some of his own unhealthy habits, it's easy to see why a lover of diverse, delicious food might scorn a place best known for the health impact its cuisine has on customers.

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