Ant Middleton on running into SAS recruits at The Logies

SAS's Ant Middleton spoke with Yahoo Australia on the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet about running into recruits!

Video transcript

- Lovely to meet you. How's it going?

ANT MIDDLETON: I'm always good, always good. Life is challenging, life is-- is presenting-- It's starting to open up now, so it's presenting new challenges, which is super exciting. So listen, I can't complain.

- How many Logie's is this for you now as well?

ANT MIDDLETON: No, this is my first.

- Very first?

ANT MIDDLETON: Very first.

- What have you heard?

ANT MIDDLETON: I've heard it's debauchery, carnage. No, I've heard that it's the best of Australian TV brought together, which I think is super important. I know you've got your Channel 7's, your Channel 9's, 10's. But I think it's celebrating Australian TV.

- Yeah and I think you might be running into some SAS people tonight. What's the vibe? Are you going to be yelling at them? Is it going to be friendly?

ANT MIDDLETON: You know what? I'm pretty scared actually, because they were all looking at me as if to say, this is our time to get revenge on you. So I'm going to keep my eyes about me, keep my wits about me and just get on with the night. But I've got a lot of the recruits here that are now friends and so hopefully we can have a different environment, let our hair down a bit and enjoy the night.

- Has there been a favorite Australian TV moment for you for the past year?

ANT MIDDLETON: Do you know what? I just love the Australian personalities. You're so laid back over here. You've got this don't care sort of attitude.

You go in all guns blazing, which I really love. So there's been many, many a moments and hopefully many more to come. But I really love the attitude and the outlook that the Australian people have.

- And you're hosting the new show as well, that's very exciting, just got announced last week, "Million Dollar Island". What can you tell me about that? That's so exciting.

ANT MIDDLETON: So "Million Dollar Island" is a cross between sort of "Hunger Games" and "Lost." I'm sort of like the host, games master, so there's going to be challenges, a lot of money at stake, $1 million, i.e. "Million Dollar Island". And it's like a social experiment. It's like a newer, fresher social experiment, but more psychological, more emotional than physical.

SAS was very physical and psychological. Here, it's going to be more emotional and psychological. So we're going to see a lot different people, a lot of different cast, and a lot of different outcome.

- And are we going to be seeing a different Ant as well then or same? Yeah?

ANT MIDDLETON: Absolutely. I'm going to be more tapping into the psychological side of people, into the emotional side of people. Know why they're here, why they're doing what they're doing, why they're forming alliances. If the money will change their lives, et cetera, et cetera. So I want to dig deeper into their souls, shall we say.

- You're taking over Australian TV. We love to see it.

ANT MIDDLETON: Oh, listen, listen, I love being here. I feel privileged to be at the Logie's, especially now, you've opened up after the pandemic. So yeah, honored to be here.

- Well, you look great. It's so lovely to meet you. Enjoy tonight.


- Enjoy.


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