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This sous vide cooker will streamline Thanksgiving prep — and it's $80 off

Need some help in the kitchen? No need to recruit a partner or order takeout to get a delicious meal — Amazon shoppers believe they found the ultimate sous chef in the form of this gizmo, and it's a sweet $80 off in the lead-up to Black Friday. The Anova Sous Vide attaches to the side of a pot filled with water to precisely and gently cook food in an everyday ziplock bag. It heats the water to whatever temperature you set it at, for juicy meat that you really can’t overcook.

This app-compatible cooker accurately cooks steaks, poultry and more to their optimal temperature.
$150 at Amazon

It's perfect for small spaces, and is so easy to use, even amateurs in the kitchen can get a ton of use out of it. The Anova Sous Vide comes with all kinds of recipes and a guide that tells you how long to cook different foods (for example, a 1-inch steak should be cooked at 130° F for one hour). It’s easy to know if you’re doing everything right. When you plug in the Anova, a simple sound tells you it’s on. You use the touchscreen to set the temperature and timer — and that’s about it.

The gizmo won’t begin heating unless it’s placed in water; a slight buzzing and movement in the water tells you it’s starting up (plus you can see the temperature increase on the screen). Once the timer goes off, your food is done.

Sous vide in pot
It takes up minimal kitchen real estate. (Photo: Amazon)

Need to step away from the stovetop? No worries. You'll be notified when it's ready, so you can prep your sides or entertain guests. Plus, because it handles the cooking temp, you never have to worry about eating or serving something under- or overcooked.

Over 8,000 shoppers love this thing. Writes one: "What a great tool to have in kitchen, I went from a steak burner to master chef steak extraordinaire!"

It's a must for Thanksgiving dinner, according to one shopper that used it on a very pricey Wagyu roast.

"The roast was very expensive and the last thing I wanted to do was screw it up...I set it to 133 degrees, and it cooked for 8 hours, after which it went into a 550 degree oven for 15 minutes. It was absolutely perfect. I have done other foods, fish, chicken, and it always comes out delicious. If I can trust a VERY expensive roast to this device and have results like this, I can cook anything with it."

This shopper agrees: "There's a large window of 'readiness' that you can hold the food at, which makes it easy to time large meals so each component finishes together and is as fresh as possible. Again, super nice for a big feast like Thanksgiving."

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

This app-compatible cooker accurately cooks steaks, poultry and more to their optimal temperature.
$150 at Amazon

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