AnnaLynne McCord Arrives on Days of Our Lives — But Who Is She Playing?

AnnaLynne McCord has officially transitioned from one iconic locale to another. The former 90210 star made her long-awaited debut on Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives — but what’s bringing her to Salem?

Despite Days‘ social channels hyping up Wednesday’s episode as McCord’s big debut, the actress was only briefly shown in one scene. And she didn’t even reveal her face, much less utter a line of dialogue.

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For those who don’t speak fluent Days, allow us to set the scene: Chad (Billy Flynn) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) arrived in Chicago, following a tip that Chad’s presumed-dead wife Abigail may not be as deceased as we’ve believed her to be. Abigail’s killer, Clyde (James Read), told them they would find their answers in a safety deposit box, which took them half the episode to open.

Inside the box was a flash drive containing grainy footage of what appeared to be an empty room — that is, until they noticed a visibly frazzled woman pacing around in circles. Could it be Abigail? That’s the question Chad intended to ask Clyde upon returning to Salem, only to discover that the criminal had already been transported to a maximum security prison. No visitors allowed.

Like Chad and Julie, the audience is now left to theorize whether McCord’s mystery woman might actually be Abigail, or if she’s someone else entirely. And there will only be more questions coming as this storyline progresses, according to McCord herself.

“What we believe is that she’s Abigail Devereux, back from the dead,” McCord tells our sister site “But even if she is, and Chad is ‘the love of her life,’ she still doesn’t feel anything [for him] because she doesn’t know who she is. She’s had amnesia. She’s gone through a serious accident. She’s had plastic surgery. She has had a whole myriad of things occur and she is navigating a really sticky situation when you first meet her.”

Hold on, plastic surgery and amnesia? What show is this, some kind of soap opera?!

You tell us: Do you believe that McCord is really Abigail, last played by Marci Miller? Or is this just part of Clyde’s master plan to get himself out of prison? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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