Anisha From Netflix's 'America's Sweethearts' Is Also An Orthodontist

Anisha From Netflix's 'America's Sweethearts' Is Also An Orthodontist

Giddy up, cowgirls.

The latest Netflix docuseries America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is now streaming and has everyone at the edge of their seats. The show follows a group of women trying out for the elite Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad and the cutthroat competition to make it to the final 36 standing on the turf.

All of the cheerleaders—no matter how long they’ve been on the team–must earn their spot on the squad. One rookie who caught everyone’s eye as she fought for her spot is Anisha, who is one of the first people of South Asian descent to try out for the squad.

Here’s everything you need to know about Anisha and whether or not she makes the cut.

Anisha is an orthodontist.

Anisha is an orthodontist who was trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. She turned heads at auditions with a Bollywood-inspired dance, per her Netflix bio.

Check out her moves on IG:

She was a Golden State Warriors Cheerleader.

Anisha says she runs through her dance routines between patients sometimes, especially when she was cheering for the Golden State Warriors.

See her in action on IG:

“If I know I have five minutes between patients, I try to run one or two full routines. It’s tough, but worth it. When I was in dental school, I was on the Golden State Warriors [cheerleading team]. The Warriors is very hip-hop, and it’s on a court so the things we did there are different than what you’d do on a football field. DCC is very up on your toes, and very technical,” she said, per Netflix.

Does she make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

SPOILER: No, she did not make the squad. After receiving a ton of congratulations when the docuseries dropped, Anisha set the record straight on her Instagram stories on June 20.

meet anisha from the dallas cowboys cheerleaders netflix documentary
Anisha sets the record straight on if she makes it on the DCC squad in her Instagram stories.Anisha Kay / Instagram

"*SPOILER ALERT* Getting a ton of sweet Congratulation messages so just want to set the record straight for people who are not planning on watching that I did NOT make the team! But appreciate the love nonetheless and hope you guys enjoy learning about the process auditioning for an nba/nfl team of this caliber!"

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