Angel Reese Left Stunned By Awkward Press Conference Moment

WNBA star rookie Angel Reese had a hilarious reaction after the Chicago Sky’s Zoom press conference was briefly derailed because of a strange exchange that turned out to be from “The Big Bang Theory.”

It happened while Reese, Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon and fellow player Marina Mabrey were discussing Sunday’s 84-71 loss to the Seattle Storm, a loss that happened despite Reese setting the WNBA record for consecutive games with a double-double.

One reporter asked a question about the game, but things got awkward after they heard a woman’s voice say, “Ever going to have an intimate relationship.”

That was followed up by a male voice saying, “That’s an uncomfortable topic,” to which Reese responded, “Excuse me?”

People continued to talk over one another on the call, until a voice can be heard saying, “I never had an interest in being intimate with anyone.”

Mabrey responded, by telling someone off-camera, “I told you they were being weird!” while Reese and Weatherspoon had hilarious reactions, as you can see in the video below.

As Chicago Tribune sportswriter Julia Poe noted on social media, the awkward exchange wasn’t from two reporters discussing a private matter. It was a scene from “The Big Bang Theory,” likely playing from someone on the call who didn’t mute themselves.

After the call was muted for a second, Reese predicted what might happen next.

“Oooo, they finna get fired,” she said.

The Chicago Sky did not immediately respond to a HuffPost request for comment about the call.