Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal were "fearless" with sex scenes in new movie

paul mescal, andrew scott, all of us strangers
Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal praised for sex sceneCourtesy of Searchlight Picture

All of Us Strangers director Andrew Haigh has praised the film's lead stars Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal for their "fearless" approach to the movie's sex scenes.

Sherlock star Scott plays Adam, a screenwriter, who grows close to his mysterious neighbour Harry (Normal People's Paul Mescal) after an unexpected run-in at their London tower block apartments.

Audiences are expected to see the pair get intimate in their respective roles, and it seems their performance is one to be proud of, according to the film's director Andrew Haigh.

paul mescal, andrew scott, all of us strangers
Courtesy of Searchlight Picture

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Haigh recalled: "There was chemistry between the two of them literally the second I saw them together.

"Both of them were pretty fearless. There was no sense of them being afraid of approaching those scenes. They knew how important they were."

Haigh added that he was "more objective" in his approach to filming All of Us Stranger's sex scenes compared to those shot in his earlier films.

andrew scott, paul mescal, all of us strangers
Searchlight Pictures

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"I really wanted to feel the subjective nature of having sex and what it feels like—the nervousness and the excitement and the physical sensation of being touched by someone else, and what that does to you," he said of his vision for the film's intimate moments.

The film is told from Adam's (Scott) perspective, and his relationship with Harry is upended in the movie following the unusual discovery that his previously deceased parents are actually alive.

Both turn out to be living in Adam's childhood home, having not aged a day since their passing.

jamie bell, claire foy, all of us strangers
Courtesy of Searchlight Picture

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The Crown actress Claire Foy plays Adam's mum with Jamie Bell of Rocketman fame, portraying Adam's dad.

In the same interview, Haigh shared his happiness at Scott's leading man performance, which he feels has been a long time coming.

To his mind, Scott "hasn’t had this kind of central role—and I always felt like he should have that central role".

All of Us Strangers doesn't currently have a confirmed release date, but it's hoped audiences won't have to wait too much longer to see Scott and Mescal in action.

All of Us Strangers is yet to receive a release window.

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