Andre Drummond is on a 'beer diet' and it is actually a thing

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Pistons center Andre Drummond drinks one beer a day — it's called a beer diet, if you believe it. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Ever wish you could drink a beer a day — and call it a diet?

Well now you can, and claim that it’s what the pros do. That is, if you ask Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond.

Drummond told the Detroit Free Press that he is on a “beer diet,” believe it or not. He has cut red meat from his diet, which means that in order to reach the requisite amount of calories he needs, Drummond drinks a beer a day.

His choices, according to the story? Miller Lite and Corona.

Not the greatest of alcoholic beverages, but hey, he is living the American Dream.

“If you do it the right way, it’s actually not bad for you and that’s why I’m doing it,” Drummond said to the Free Press.

The 25-year-old Drummond is the third-heaviest player in the league behind Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson and Dallas’ Boban Marjanovic. He is 6-foot-11 and 279 pounds, so he probably needs a lot of calorie intake to maintain the stature needed, especially to compete with other big men in the paint.

Drummond is coming off his best season, averaging 17.3 points and 15.6 rebounds in 79 games for the Pistons last year. So as long as it works, who’s to question the man?

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