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Brigitte Nielsen calls out 'double standards' after having baby at 54

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Brigitte Nielsen has opened up about the “double standards” she’s experienced after giving birth at 54.

The mum of five had daughter Frida in June, after 10 years of trying with hubby Mattia Dessi. She’s their first together. 

But the Dutch actor and model said that despite “never being happier” she’s copped some serious backlash for becoming a mum again so late in life — something she believes men of the same age don’t experience. 

Brigitte Nielsen has opened up about the “double standards” she’s experienced after giving birth at 54. Source: Instagram/BrigitteNielsen
The mum of five admitted some people are ‘mean’ about her decision to have another baby at 54. Source: Instagram/BrigitteNielsen

“There’s definitely a double standard because it seems like men in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s, they have children and no one raises an eyebrow,” she told Good Morning Britain.  

But while men appear to get an easy go of becoming parents during their older years, Brigitte said she’s often questioned about her decision to do the same.

“People say ‘Well, why? Maybe you’re not alive in 20 years, is that the right responsibility to have a little girl?’” she said. 

While the mum — whose other children are aged 23 to 34 — said she understood “if people disagree and find it absolutely insane,” she insisted she’s more than capable of looking after a child despite her age.

The Dutch model admitted despite the “stigma” she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Source: Instagram/BrigitteNielsen

“I’m a mature woman, I’m like a good wine, it’s my life, I’m in the best time of my life,” she said. “I’d love to tell all the women in their 30s, preserve your eggs, just in case you wake up one day, and you think, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t have a kid’, there is a chance.”

The same day, Brigitte went on Good Morning America to discuss the “stigma” of becoming a mum at 54, telling the host people have called her out for her controversial choice.

“People say, ‘How dare she, she’s 54, what about the baby, what if she’s going to die’,” she said. “Trust me, people can be really mean.”

Back in July, the Bye, Bye Baby star defended her decision saying, “It’s my life” in an interview with People. 

The mum froze her eggs at age 40 when she and Dessi first met and tried for a decade to get pregnant using IVF.


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