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Amazon's Kindle Scribe is up to 22 percent off for Prime members

That brings the stylus-equipped ereader down to $265.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Amazon has rolled out a new Kindle Scribe sale for Prime members. Each configuration of the 10.2-inch ereader is up to 22 percent off, which brings the base version with 16GB of storage and Amazon's "Basic Pen" stylus down to $265. That's $75 off the device's usual price and only $10 more than the discount we saw during Amazon's Prime Day event last July. The 16GB variant with a "Premium Pen" stylus — which includes a dedicated eraser function and a customizable shortcut button — is down to $290, while the 32GB and 64GB models are $305 and $330, respectively. (The higher-capacity options come with the Premium Pen as standard.) You can get each with a three-month trial to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service too; just be aware that the subscription will auto-renew by default.

This is only $10 more than the deal we saw during Amazon's Prime Day sale earlier this year. Other models with more storage and Amazon's "Premium Pen" stylus are also discounted, but note that you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber to see the offers.

Save $75 with Prime
$265 at Amazon

We gave the Kindle Scribe a review score of 85 last November, and we currently recommend it in our guide to the best e-ink tablets. The big hook is that it's the only Kindle with note-taking support. At its core, it works like any other Amazon ereader, but you can use the included stylus to jot things down in books and documents, create to-do lists, draw sketches and so on with minimal latency. The roomy, 300 ppi display and slim design are a delight, and you still get access to Amazon's giant ebook library.

Amazon has steadily improved the note-taking aspect of the Scribe since launch, but there are still some shortcomings. You can't mark up every book directly on the page — most have you write in windowed sticky notes — handwriting-to-text support is limited, and there's no easy way to sync handwritten notes with services like Google Drive or OneNote. The device isn't waterproof either. Generally speaking, we like the reMarkable 2 as a more flexible e-ink tablet for writing, while the Kindle Paperwhite is a better value purely for reading. But if you want some level of pen support without giving up the usual Kindle experience, the Scribe is worth considering, and this discount makes it a little more approachable.

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