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Gothenburg, Sweden - January 17, 2015: A close up shot from above of a young woman's hands holding a white Xbox One controller as she is playing a video game. Natural lighting, shot on wooden background with shallow depth of field.
Get your hands on some top-tier Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games at Amazon. Save up to $33! (Photo: Getty)

The kids may be on spring break this week, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun while they're running around outside. Sit back and relax with a few good Xbox titles from your favorite franchises like Red Dead Redemption, Halo and Star Wars, or get acquainted with something new-to-you, like Kerbal Space Program. The prices are fantastic right now, so it's the perfect moment to treat yourself. Got any birthdays to shop for? Take advantage of these savings and stash away a great gift, nabbed at a deep discount.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more — which covers all but one of the items below.)

Explore distant corners of the world

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One)

Two men on horses in a field
Explore the old west before it disappears. (Photo: Rockstar Games)

Are you a big fan of westerns? Do you ever wish you could ride horses, battle outlaws and roam the wide-open frontier? Well, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that will let you do just that, dropping you into a compelling story set in an open world where you call the shots. Fight bad guys, hunt animals and even play a few mini-games like poker and blackjack. You can even make friends with your horse.

Players are in love with this title, calling it "one of the best video games ever created." One player had this to say: "This is one of the few games I have completed in recent memory. It's a great story and I haven't been that emotionally involved in a video game character in a long time. Some of the best voice acting EVER." And you can save 60% when you order it at Amazon!

$30 $60 at Amazon

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X)

Small craft flying at sunset
Night flying is peaceful in this immersive title. (Photo: Microsoft)

Maybe you haven’t been flying much lately, but you’ll certainly see the world when you pick up a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series X, which puts you in the cockpit. Travel to far away countries, brave real-time weather and get behind the yoke of some of your favorite aircraft. You’re sure to be enchanted by the realism in this game, enough that it might sate your need for travel… or maybe just get you excited for the real thing!

Shoppers call it "as close to flying a real plane as you can get," and add it's "the flight game for anyone who wants realism that simply isn't found in any other video games. From engine startup to taxiing to take off and landing, this is top-notch." Aviation nerds unite!

$60 at Amazon

Head to outer space on a galactic adventure

Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)

Master Chief and Cortana
With Cortana at his side, Master Chief is sure to win. (Photo: 343 Industries)

Halo just turned 20, but that’s no reason to feel old. Heck, there's even a new show that just premiered on Paramount+! That makes it a perfect time to check out the newest addition to the game series. Halo Infinite was one of the top games of 2021 and it’s guaranteed to still be hot through 2022. It features an expansive open-world structure, crazy new abilities and amped-up multiplayer capabilities. Right now you can save $18 on this title, but at any price you’re sure to get your money’s worth thanks to the sheer number of ways to play this soon-to-be-classic.

Players call it "the best Halo yet," with one happy customer adding that "as a Halo enthusiast since day one who prefers storyline first and online gaming later, in my opinion, this is the greatest depth, thought, creativity and production work that I could imagine; that I have been hoping to see from the Halo franchise for quite some time."

$40 $60 at Amazon

Kerbal Space Program Complete Enhanced Edition (Xbox One)

Rocket in a hangar
Build your own ships to travel the stars in this realistic but also wacky simulation game. (Photo: Private Division)

Not every space journey has to be an epic non-stop adventure. The Kerbal Space Program is something a bit more realistic, where engineering and physics are key to getting your spacecraft off the ground. The Kerbals might not be human astronauts, but you’ll feel for them anyway as they ascend into the stars… or crash to the ground when you make a mistake. This title is both hilarious and educational!

Players agree, with one calling out its "steep learning curve" but adding that "space travel is not easy" and this title offers "real space engineering with a comical twist." Sounds like a great way to pick up some STEM skills!

$27 $60 at Amazon

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)

Star-Lord jumping
Star-Lord kicks butt and rocks while doing it. (Photo: Square Enix)

This game takes everything you love about the hit movies — the goofy characters, the wild combat, and the classic tunes — and puts you in the cockpit. Fans of the comics will love the way the characters look like their on-page counterparts, while newcomers and vets alike will love the ability to make choices that affect the story.

This is one of the best games of 2021, and the five-star reviews on Amazon back that up. This player says it's a "great narrative game, the gameplay is amazing and if you want a challenge put it on the highest difficulty." He adds, "the soundtrack is amazing... I didn't get to the main story till like 30 minutes in because I was listening to the songs." Sounds like it doubles as a jukebox too, and you can snag it for 50 percent off at Amazon!

$30 $60 at Amazon

Get punchy with friends and family

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)

SpongeBob and Patrick face off. (Photo: GameMill Entertainment)
SpongeBob and Patrick can finally duke it out. (Photo: GameMill Entertainment)

Licensed games like this don’t always have the best reputation, but this game managed to blow all expectations out of the water, along with inspiring a huge dose of nostalgia for kids raised on Nicktoons. Ren, Stimpy, SpongeBob, Aang and Korra — the gang’s all here, and ready to throw down in frantic, fast-paced combat. And you can snag this recent title at a decent discount too, 47 percent off at Amazon!

$20 $50 at Amazon

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)

Rain shooting an energy blade
This isn't your ordinary martial arts showdown. (Photo: NetherRealm)

It's safe to say that the Mortal Kombat franchise is a classic at this point, and the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has everything gamers love about the series: Crazy, imaginative characters, thrilling moves and even silly features like "Friendship" to finish off your enemies. This version ups the stakes by adding even more characters from all sorts of media, like the Joker, Robocop and Rambo. Sounds crazy, but it's also super fun and on sale for only $29!

$29 $40 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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