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Pop-up deal: Here's how to save $100 right now as an Amazon Prime member

Stocked in savings (Photos: Amazon)
Bonus savings are in stock for Amazon Prime members. Get all your daily essentials for less — way less! (Photos: Amazon)

A prime benefit of an Amazon Prime membership: exciting deals and perks like this doozy! Right now, Amazon's running a "Stock Up & Save" event that gives you an extra 20% discount when you fill your cart with select Amazon brand essentials, including everyday household needs, beauty products, office supplies, groceries, pet needs and more. These prices rival what you'll find at your nearest wholesaler — and spare you the trip and hassle.

Spend $50 to unlock the extra savings and you knock out your shopping list (max bonus discount you'll receive is $100). There's even a helpful progress bar at the top that shows how close you are to reaching the deal, and you'll be delighted to see the total savings will be highlighted at checkout.

If you aren't yet a Prime member, no worries — now is a great chance to take advantage of the free 30-day trial and reap these rewards.

Check out a few of the goodies included in this deal below and then check them off your weekly list. Prices reflect the after-discount amount. Shop the full list of eligible essentials here.

We don't know how long this deal will last, folks, so stock up while you can!


Amazon Presto! Mega Roll Toilet Paper, Ultra-Soft, 24 rolls

$20$26Save $5
Any bathroom tissue that elicits some 87,500 five-star reviews and earns No. 1 bestseller status is worth getting. Plus, 24 of these super-soft jumbo rolls are the equivalent of 112 regular rolls! Spend $50 or more on eligible items to get this discounted price.
$20 at Amazon

"I am a toilet paper snob," wrote a satisfied customer. "Look, I'm delicate and snobby and petty and like to be pampered. I use only the best of the best for my backside...[Presto!] is not only soft — it's durable and the rolls are thick and it doesn't cause itching or pain or dry rump. I love this TP. LOVE ... Everyone in the family agrees that it's better than Cottonelle or Charmin or Angel Soft. We don't buy anything else."


Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24-pack

$11$14Save $3
Clean everything better with Amazon's No. 1 bestselling reusable microfiber cloths. With 24 to a pack, that's less than 46 cents per 12- by 16-inch cloth. Spend $50 or more on eligible items to get this discounted price.
$11 at Amazon

Whether you go with the cheery blue/white/yellow stack or the sweet pink/green/gray color combo, you'll get three hues, so you can designate different uses for each color. Say blue for the bath, yellow for the kitchen and white for windows.

One of the 42,700+ five-star fans reported: "Great for any cleaning needs. I used these on every cleaning type around the house — windows, floors, countertops, and baseboards. Easy to clean by hand or in the washing machine. They are soft enough to scrub all the paint left by constructors on all the window frames and the vinyl fence. They had been the greatest help while cleaning around the house. I will never use another type of cloth for cleaning. Also, they are cheap enough to replace them when they get too worn out."


Amazon Basics AA Alkaline Batteries, 12-Pack

$9$12Save $2
For less than 80 cents a pop, you'll turn to these every day for everything from milk frothers and electric razors to flashlights. Spend $50 or more on eligible products to get the discounted price.
$9 at Amazon

The Stock Up & Save event is the perfect time to stock up on those very important items needed for holiday gifts — batteries! You can stock up on every size imaginable, from tiny lithium batteries used in cameras and watches to rechargeable AAA batteries needed for remotes and wireless keyboards.

"I have used Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries for many years now," says a shopper who reports using them everywhere around their home. "I keep buying them because they keep working and are dependable... They really hold their charge for a long time."

Reviewers say they are just as good as more expensive name-brand batteries: "True story- I was gifted a fancy lamp. Was so excited about putting my new Duracell batteries in it and turning it on. Didn’t work. Brand name and new. Thought I’d try Amazon-brand batteries and they worked. I won’t be using anything else."


Amazon Basics 13-Gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 120 count

$16$20Save $4
Tall, strong, and super-popular: Amazon's No. 1 bestselling trash bags hold up to 13 gallons and are a cinch to tie, thanks to the handy drawstring closure. Spend $50 or more on eligible items to get this discounted price.
$16 at Amazon

Don't throw away money on trash bags. Amazon's No. 1 bestselling 13-gallon bags (120-count) are durable, reliable, and just 13 cents a bag with this deal! (If you think that's low, the 200-pack comes to 11 cents a bag!) And they have some 89,200 five-star ratings!

"Solid bags," wrote a five-star reviewer. "I could tell no difference between these and their brand-named counterpart except they're around $2.30 less for 120 bags and the .mil rating for these are 0.9. Some name brands were only 0.78 .mil. Just an FYI...regardless of what they call the bag, or its super duper strength, the one and only aspect which matters is the .mil number. The higher the .mil number, the better the bag."


Amazon Basics Women's Razor with two 5-Blade Razor Refill cartridges

$6$9Save $3
Just like the other pink razor for women but much more affordable. Spend $50 or more on eligible products to receive the discounted price.
$6 at Amazon

More than 1,000 readers give this razor and blades a five-star review.

"Better or as good as Venus blades," says a smooth-legged reader. "I have tried every razor blade on the market because my favorite Venus blades are obscenely expensive. I hated paying the high price for the Venus but could never find anything in the least bit I liked as well. I guess I am a Venus blade snob. However... these ... have the moisture safety guard and provide as good, if not better of a close, safe shave. Thank you to no end AMAZON...This is the find of the century!"


Wag Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Dog Treats

$7$9Save $3
Healthy treats that keep your pup at her best. Available in chicken, beef, or lamb. Spend $50 or more on eligible products to get the discounted price.
$7 at Amazon

Don't stuff your pooch with fillers and additives. Feed them wholesome foods. These freeze-dried treats are made with 100% chicken (or beef or lamb, if you prefer). No extra junk. Sourced and freeze-dried in the U.S.A.

Over 4,800 shoppers have given these a perfect five-star rating, claiming that they're for dogs in training and for sensitive stomachs too! "Happy dog," raved one proud pup-parent. "Our dog can only eat hypoallergenic foods. The vet suggested freeze-dried pure meat treats...He's an A++ student when using these." Another wrote: "These treats are just as good as other brands that are double in price. Also, a vet-approved treat for my 13-year-old dog in the later stages of chronic kidney disease!"


Amazon Basics Cotton Swabs, 4-pack

$10$13Save $3
These four boxes of cotton swabs give you 2000 total. That makes each swab cost half a penny! Spend $50 or more on eligible products to get the discounted price.
$10 at Amazon

Two thousand swabs for 10 bucks? You'd pay $21 for the same number of Q-tips. Over 4,600 shoppers have already given these Amazon Basics swabs a perfect five-star rating, and fans say they're just as good as the other leading brands. "These are just like the national brand 'Q' and work just as well, for much less money," writes a very pleased shopper. "Kids crafts, applying cream to scrapes, cleaning pesky corners, you always need these cotton swabs...Thanks, Amazon!! One more thing off my grocery list!"


Happy Belly Nuts, Chocolate & Dried Fruit Trail Mix, 48 ounces

$10$13Save $3
Packed with protein, this sweet and salty choice keeps customers satisfied on long fall hikes and during afternoon cravings. Spend $50 or more on eligible products to get the discounted price.
$10 at Amazon

Remember to nab something snacky for yourself. There are lots of groceries to stock up on in this deal for Prime members: from coffee and snack bars to nuts galore, such as this popular (and yummy) trail mix.

One of the 9,700+ five-star reviewers cheered: "Love - real M&Ms, plenty of cashews, and almonds! I am absolutely in love with this trail mix. The price of this trail mix seems like a steal considering the contents...I usually fill up a one-cup container with trail mix and then keep it in my work bag."


Solimo Disinfecting Wipes, 3-Pack

$10$13Save $3
These wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds including the cold & flu virus, E. coli, salmonella, staph and the virus that causes COVID-19. Spend $50 or more on eligible items to get the discounted price.
$10 at Amazon

When a store-brand product gathers more than 9,000 five-star reviews, we figure it must be a great item.

Many shoppers say they like the Solimo wipes more than the popular brand-name ones. "Prefer these to Lysol. I'll use Lysol if I am out of these, but with the convenience and timely delivery that rarely happens," says one reviewer. "Works just as great as Clorox wipes at half the price," says another shopper.


Amazon Basics Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool, 9-pack

$7$10Save $3
Sculpt your brows or disappear peach fuzz with these cuties. Spend $50 or more on eligible items to get the discounted price.
$7 at Amazon

Toss this fab beauty tool in your cart, too. The nine mini razors stand ready to shape your brows and dermaplane your beautiful face, and over a thousand five-star shoppers say they work great!

One raved: "Must-have beauty tool. Every Lady or gent looking for a quick alternative to plucking chin hairs with a tweezer must have this tool. I was always under the impression if you shaved your face it would grow back denser. NOT true! This exfoliates and leaves your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom."

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.