Amazon shopper allegedly finds her photos being used on the site without her permission

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Credit: TikTok/benitariley
Credit: TikTok/benitariley

A teenager was browsing Amazon’s clothing selection when she came across a photo that looked eerily familiar.

That’s because according to the teenager, TikTok user @benitariley, the photo was lifted from her Instagram to advertise a pair of knockoff jeans without her permission.

In a video posted to TikTok on Oct. 29, @benitariley alleged that she was shopping on Amazon when she found the photo of herself.


lemme just tell u i did not buy these for 20$…



“Not me shopping on Amazon and finding myself,” she said in the video before showing the listing and then her identical Instagram photo. It’s hard to deny the similarities, down to the white sneakers and scrunched top.

Amazon listing
Credit: TikTok/@benitariley

To make matters worse, the company advertising the jeans isn’t the same company @benitariley purchased from. In her caption, she noted that she paid far more than the $22 being charged on Amazon, seeing as she supposedly bought from Jaded London. The Amazon version is most likely a knockoff.

People were angry for @benitariley and urged her to take action, especially since the company is allegedly advertising a product they aren’t actually selling.

“Girl if they don’t run you a CHECK,” one person said.

“That’s not right,” another added.

“Is that legal,” a third asked.

If what @benitariley is saying is true, she may actually have a case. According to, a site for legal resources, “when a business uses the image or likeness of an individual without his or her consent or permission, they may file a suit for misappropriation of likeness.” (If something like this ever happens to you, though, we urge you to consult an actual lawyer and find out what your options are. We are not lawyers.)

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