Shopper's X-rated discovery searching for tuna on Amazon

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer


An online shopper has made an extremely hilarious and slightly awkward discovery when searching for a product on Amazon.

Taking to Reddit to reveal the bizarre error, the person explained they had been searching for tuna (not that we knew tuna is something people bought on Amazon) but found something that definitely doesn’t belong.

“Shopping for Tuna on Amazon Prime - one of these is not from the sea..........” they wrote alongside a screenshot showing a selection of the online retailer’s tuna products.

From Tuna in Springwater, to Tuna pasta and Tuna and Beans most were what one might expect when searching the term “tuna”.

However, spot the X-rated odd one out.

One of these is not like the others. Photo: Reddit

Yes that is a sex toy labelled as Greenseas Tuna chunk in Springwater.

“Were You looking for tuna specifically or fish in general?” one person quipped.

“Maybe because tuna can be slang for vagina and related things?! Thats all i can think of!” another person tried to explain the mixup.

While a third just joked: “Sure it is, the puss-sea.”

The poster then took things a step further to check if the product was still available to buy on Amazon.

And it is, but still under the wrong product description that reads: “Greenseas Tuna Chunk In Springwater with a delicate flavour. It contains a good source of omega-3. Bring you great quality, great tasting tuna 98 percent fat-free. Contain Omega 3 fats which promote heart health and reduced inflammation. Combine with reduced-fat mayonnaise, corn kernels and sliced celery. Serve in a pita pocket.”

Just not this kind of pocket.

The sex toy moonlighting as tuna. Photo: Amazon

Yahoo has contacted Amazon for comment.

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