Amazon discounts its Echo Show speakers to as low as $50

Jon Fingas
Associate Editor
Amazon Echo Show 5

Now might be a prime opportunity to shop if you’re looking for a connected alarm clock or a video viewer for the kitchen. Amazon is offering substantial discounts on its Echo Show smart displays, with the Echo Show 5 on sale for $50 ($40 off) and the larger Echo Show 8 selling for $80 ($50 off). Those match price drops we saw on Black Friday, and could make them tempting compared to audio-only smart speakers.

Buy Amazon Echo Show 5 on Amazon - $50

Buy Amazon Echo Show 8 on Amazon - $80

The Echo Show 5 is clearly meant as a nightstand companion and won’t blow you away with its 5-inch screen, but it delivers better sound quality than you’d expect for the size while including helpful alarm clock features like a sunrise alarm and an ambient light sensor. The Echo Show 8 can fill that role, but its 8-inch display makes it the better of the two for following recipes or catching up on your Netflix queue.

In both cases, Alexa is the main draw — it’s still one of the most capable voice assistants and helps you control smart home devices, play music or start video chats (there’s thankfully a built-in privacy shutter). So long as you’re comfortable with Amazon’s ecosystem in the first place, they should fit right in to your household.