Amanda Seyfried reveals her mother moved in after daughter, three, was born and she's never left

Lauren Clark
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Amanda Seyfried has two children with her husband Thomas Sadoski. (Getty Images)
Amanda Seyfried has two children with her husband Thomas Sadoski. (Getty Images)

While many parents will be wishing they had a grandparent on hand right now as they struggle through the impossible task of juggling work and home schooling, it appears Amanda Seyfried was ahead of the game.

The actress, 35, has revealed that her mother came to stay a few days after her daughter, three, was born – and she’s never left.

Speaking to The Sunday Times’ Style magazine, Seyfried – who is married to actor Thomas Sadoski – said: “She moved in after the baby was born and never moved out, and I don’t want her to.”

She added: “My husband’s going to work on Sunday – he’s flying down to Georgia to do a movie for three months and I would be alone with two kids.”

Seyfried – who can currently be seen in Netflix drama Mank – added: “I know families do that all the time, but I’m such a momma’s girl and she has always come to my rescue.”

The Mamma Mia! star also has a four-month-old son with her other half, who is filming Devotion, about the first Black US fighter pilot.

She met Sadoski in 2015 when they starred in an off-Broadway play together. They married in 2017.

Of her husband, she said: “To me, the sexiest thing about him was the fact that I could rely on him. He was a really good man. Reliability – hard to find.”

The couple aren’t the only ones to rely on grandparents for help with childcare – it is estimated that the number of households in the UK with three generations living together jumped from 325,000 in 2001 to 419,000 in 2013.

It is thought that one per cent of British households have also taken in an elderly relative since the start of the pandemic.

And last year, a survey found that pre-March 2020, many families had been saving thousands of pounds a year thanks to childcare support from the older generation.

According to researchers, grandparents have been enabling mums and dads to avoid shelling out almost £4,000 annually by stepping in to look after their grandkids.

The research, conducted by the Bank of Scotland, discovered that – with professional childcare in the UK costing an average of £8-an-hour – parents are holding on to an extra £3,370 thanks to the goodwill of more senior relatives.