Amanda Keller: I struggled to fall pregnant

Anita Lyons
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Amanda Keller has revealed the struggles she faced trying to fall pregnant.

The mother-of-two teenage sons admits that her memories of the time still haunt her, even though her eldest son, Liam, is now 17.

Gold Logie nominee Amanda Keller has revealed her infertility issues. Source: Getty

“I’m still close enough to the person who went through IVF back then to be amazed at how far we’ve come,” Amanda told Woman’s Day.

Talking about the initial process of conceiving, the Living Room host was “plagued by fear”.

Amanda, pictured here with her co-hosts on Network Ten’s the Living Room, was plagued by fear during the IVF process. Source: Getty

During her first pregnancy, Amanda began to bleed, and was sure she was about to lose her first child – and pregnancy – that was “sticking”.

“I could feel the whiff of change, and after I saw the heartbeat following a trip to the doctor, I stopped the car and just cried,” she told Chezzi Denyer in an interview on her podcast, Mum Stories.

Amanda’s two sons, Liam and Jack, were products of IVF. Pictured here in 2009, the boys are now strapping teenagers. Source: Getty

Now, Amanda, 56, is mum to two sons, Liam and younger son Jack, however, she’s not the mum she thought she’d be.

In fact, the Gold Logie nominee doesn’t feel ‘mumsy’ at all.

“When you’re told you can’t fall pregnant it becomes something quite different,” she said. “I’d been set a task – three years of IVF – and I kept failing. I became more desperate the longer it went on.”

Amanda, who was (and still is) in the thick of the public eye, didn’t share her struggles with Australia. Apart from anything, she had already felt judged for being childless in her late 30s.

Now, the host of Jonesy and Amanda on Sydney’s WSFM doesn’t look back – her strapping sons keep her on her toes, and these days, the biggest struggle is not embarrass them in front of the entire country.

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