Amanda Holden recalls "empowering" moment from sex history show

amanda holden, sex a bonkers history
Amanda Holden 'empowered' by sex history showSky

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has been doing her homework on the history of sex for her brand-new documentary series and found one particular aspect of the new project "empowering".

She joins historian Dan Jones as they co-host Sex: A Bonkers History and delve into the saucy secrets of the past.

Sharing her enthusiasm for the new Sky History show, Holden’s explained what she enjoyed most about learning how past civilisations lived.

amanda holden, sex a bonkers history

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Chatting exclusively with Digital Spy, Holden confessed she loved stepping into the shoes of various famous women from history.

"I think because for my career I'm an actress, I love being in period costume and just any excuse for it, really," she said. "But I think just learning about those women from a different viewpoint was an empowering thing.

"You know, to see that Queen Victoria was a passionate woman, with a huge appetite, who loved her husband.

"Whereas we always normally see her as a sort of very austere buttoned-up frumpy woman who you’d be too frightened to approach. That for me was just fascinating to learn."

amanda holden, sex a bonkers history

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Further detailing how much she enjoyed dressing up as prominent figures from the past, Holden admitted the costumes were one of the main reasons she took the job.

"I got to dress up and I got to learn," she enthused, adding: "I knew it'd be a lot of fun."

amanda holden, sex a bonkers history
A+E Networks EMEA/Sky History/Leigh Keily.

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Set into five parts, the documentary series sees Holden and her co-host Jones delve into several eras of history.

Throughout the series they’re set to take a closer look at the Ancients, the Tudors, the Georgians, the Victorians, and the 20th Century.

Teasing ahead to what Sky History viewers can expect, Holden recently described the new show as "Horrible Histories for adults".

"This is not for children," she warned, highlighting the X-rated talking points set to feature in the upcoming show.

Sex: A Bonkers History premieres Monday, September 18 on Sky History.

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