I Just Learned That People Create Soap Operas With Their "Sims" Characters, And These 15 Stories Have Me In A Tailspin

Ok, so I don't know if you've ever played The Sims, but it's a game where people can build their own characters, worlds, and lives. Many online creators develop whole storylines you can keep up with on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram — like a Sims soap opera universe — and there's plenty of drama, mess, and twists that keep viewers gripped.

GIF from "The Sims"

If you love a messy plot line as much as I do, here are 15 wild situations I've found on Reddit that some Sims have found themselves in:

1.In this storyline, the bride on the left is shocked to see her husband-to-be's ex-wife (right) show up in a wedding gown on her big day. And if you're wondering who the ex's baby daddy is? It's the bride's ex-husband:

Two Sims brides meeting

2.This Sim was grieving the loss of her mother and girlfriend, so her friend summoned their spirits via a séance so they could all take selfies together:

  u/Sirens_kai / Via reddit.com

3.This Sim locked the fathers of her children in her garden because they weren't acting right:

Sims dads locked in the garden

4.This Sims family adopted a goat as a pet, and it HATES their baby:

An angry goat

5.This Sim was awarded a "drama free love life" alert, despite the fact that she's currently cheating on her husband with two of his best friends, so I'm not sure how "drama free" is being measured:

A Sims milestone

6.This Sim innocently left her baby with a nanny while she went to work, but when she tried to check her child's location, it appears the nanny threw him in the ocean...:

A Sim baby in the ocean

7.This creator decided to add a plot twist to their game, and the Sim is secretly a vampire:

A Sim house

8.This Sim playing his guitar AT a girl he's trying to woo is giving big Ken and Barbie energy:

Sim playing the guitar

9.This butler was kind enough to feed his host family's baby in the middle of the night, but then dumped the kid outside and went back to bed:

A baby in the yard

10.The Grim Reaper came to take the soul of this Sim who drowned, and found the deceased's husband randomly swimming laps around him:

A Sim swimming laps in front of the Grim Reaper

11.This Sim is having a secret affair with her maid, and her kid might snitch:

A Sim Kid in acowtume

12.This Sim died of laughing but then went into labor???:

"Gone into labor!"

13.These Sims JUST got married, and the groom is already paranoid about his new bride's actions and feels they might be cheating:

"but Miguel can't help but wonder what their partner is up to or who they are seeing behind their back!"

14.This Sim is a vampire, but keeps deciding to go outside into the sun to keep her creator on their toes:

A Sim in the snow

15.And finally, the creator of this Sim logged on to find he had been in some kind of accident, but they still have no idea what happened to this day:

A burned Sim