You Already Have The Secret Ingredient For The Best Grilled Cheese Ever

Grilled cheese sandwich
Grilled cheese sandwich - Jean Pierre Pinochet/Getty Images

While there are countless ways to elevate a grilled cheese, there is one simple addition that can make all the difference between good and best: garlic salt. This flavorful seasoning adds a burst of zesty, savory flavor that perfectly complements the gooey cheese and crispy bread. It's an easy, yet powerful way to enhance this classic comfort food.

To make a delicious garlic-infused grilled cheese, start with two slices of bread and a few slices of your favorite cheese. While the butter vs. mayo debate is a common one in the grilled cheese world, you can opt for either with this recipe. Whichever you choose, spread a thin layer on the outside of your sandwich, followed by a sprinkle of garlic salt. Cook over medium-low heat until your sandwich is perfectly golden and melty. The only thing left to do is slice it in half and take that first glorious bite!

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Expert Tips And The Magic Behind It All

Garlic salt
Garlic salt - Msphotographic/Getty Images

On the off chance you do not have any garlic salt in your pantry, you can easily make your own by mixing three parts salt with one part garlic powder. You can even make garlic salt with fresh garlic if you prefer, by combining three parts salt with one medium minced garlic clove. A homemade version also allows you to adjust the garlic intensity to suit your own tastes.

Why does this secret ingredient work so well? Think about other bread and cheese-based dishes that utilize garlic — pizza, garlic bread, and cheesy garlic knots. When it comes to grilled cheese, garlic salt provides that same burst of flavorful goodness. The salt amplifies the natural flavors of the cheese and bread, while the garlic infuses a rich, aromatic quality. This combination transforms a basic grilled cheese into a gourmet experience without the need for fancy ingredients or complex techniques. It's a small tweak that makes a big difference, showing that sometimes the simplest touches can have the biggest impact.

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