Ally Langdon spills on life after hosting Today

Yahoo Australia is on the red carpet for the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards, chatting with all your favourite Aussie stars!

Video transcript

INTERVIEWER: It's intense. I'm sweating. This, is this leather? Are you hot in this?

ALLY LANGDON: It's leather. I thought, you know what, it's end of July. Leather will be fine, but it's a little bit warm.

INTERVIEWER: It's Sydney, hot.

ALLY LANGDON: But you know what, the benefits outweigh the negatives, because if someone spills red wine, I'll just wipe it off.

INTERVIEWER: If there's a mass moment, you're ready for it.

ALLY LANGDON: That's it. I actually kind of want to get caught in a mass moment. I've never had wine thrown in my face.

INTERVIEWER: So that's like, bring out the wine.


How does it feel being here at the Logies, I guess celebrating Australian TV with all your colleagues?

ALLY LANGDON: I love it. I love it for 364 days of the year, we wear sneakers, and we wear high heels one night, and just seeing everyone from all the other networks and celebrating a what an awesome job that we all have and a great industry to work in. It's really fun. And how cool, like how many people have come out just see sort of-- to have, you know, a curve really or have a look at what's going on. It's so much fun.

INTERVIEWER: And because we're celebrating Australian TV, we're asking everyone who or what inspired them to get into the world of TV.

ALLY LANGDON: OK, so like young girl growing up in country New South Wales, it was watching the likes of Yarn Events on television and wanted to be a 60 Minutes Reporter, which I end up doing for 10 years, then just seeing the likes of like Trace, Liz Hayes, all these brilliant women doing this awesome job and traveling the world. It's like, I want to do that. And I never ever, for one day, take it for granted, how awesome this job is, and what a privilege it is to be able to do it.

INTERVIEWER: How is your sleep schedule now as well? I can imagine that's just completely different.

ALLY LANGDON: My husband just told someone, because he's here with me tonight, she's far more amenable now that She doesn't work mornings, which I think means-- I think that explains, I'm sleeping a lot more and I'm much nicer to be around.