All the best high definition TVs for watching sports games

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Here's some of the best TVs on sale for quality sports viewing. Credit: Getty Images

While we're all stuck in lockdown with pretty much nothing else to do but watch TV, it could be time to upgrade your set. 

If you're on the hunt for the right one, the screen, clarity, colour balance and processor speed can all make the difference between it feeling like you're up close to the action, or in the cheap seats at the back.

What do I need when choosing a TV to watch sport?

Don't worry whether the television has an LED or OLED screen - these don't make much difference to the quality of the image. What really matters is the screen resolution. 

Choose between High Definition (HD) and 4K (also known as Ultra High Definition or UHD). 4K televisions have four times the resolution of an HD screen. Sport looks good on both, but many people say it's only worth investing in a 4K television if you are buying a 55inch or bigger screen, as under this size it can be hard to tell the difference between 4K and HD. 


More pixels isn't always best

Buying the highest resolution possible doesn't always guarantee a better picture. In fact, sometimes this can make it hard for the television to deliver a really good image. When you're looking at a television in the shop, check for colour accuracy, smooth transitions between colours, and blacks that don't lose detail.

Here are some of the best televisions to maximise sporting viewing:

LG's C1 range comes in several sizes, from 48" to 83", and starts at $2395 for the smallest size. Tech reviewers say these are some of the best TVs on the market for sports. They have an OLED motion feature which reduces blur on fast movement, and a Sport Alert feature that gives a notification about big moments in the NBA, Premier League and NFL. Choice recommend the 65" screen as one of the best models out there.

LG's C1 range
LG's C1 range is highly recommended for sports viewing. Credit: Bing Lee

The Samsung QLED 8K QN800 is highly regarded amongst tech reviewers. It's LCD, and is great for bright rooms. It's very slim, has an anti-glare technology, and a motion rate of 200 which helps show smooth, clear motion during fast-paced sports. It starts at $4295 for the 65" screen.

Samsung QLED 8K QN800
Samsung QLED 8K QN800 has anti-glare properties. Credit: Bing Lee

Choice rates the 40" Akai AK4020NF as one of the best small televisions out there to watch sport on. At just $345 "it punches above its weight compared with others in its size division," according to Choice testers. Its impressive picture quality supports Full HD resolution, so it shows accurate details and vivid colours. It has dual 8W speakers for dynamic sound. 

Akai AK4020NF
At just $345 the Akai AK4020NF is a great option. Credit: Harvey Norman

Samsung's 55inch 2021 The Frame Smart TV, $2049, is a 4K option that looks great too. It has an Active Voice Amplifier that helps make commentary clearer, and an excellent picture. Because you can upload it with artwork when it's in standby mode, you can opt for a bigger model than you might normally, as it won't dominate the room when you're not watching it.

Samsung's 55inch 2021 The Frame Smart TV
Samsung's 55inch 2021 The Frame Smart TV looks great, even when it's switched off, Credit: Samsung

Aldi has also released their new Funtertainment Special Buys range and it includes a number of epic deals like a party speaker for $249 (for the distant future when you can entertain again), a portable projector for $99 and an 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for just $1299.

Aldi 82
This Saturday, Aldi is selling a 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for just $1299. Photo: Aldi

Aldi has released their new Funtertainment Special Buys range and it includes a number of epic deals like a party speaker for $249 (for the distant future when you can entertain again), a portable projector for $99 and an 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for just $1299.

"Level up your entertainment experience through the WebOS powered, Bauhn 82" 4K Ultra HD TV," the Aldi website reads. "Speak and control your TV with voice assistant on the magic remote, along with instantly accessing your favourite streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video, with the dedicated quick launch buttons.

"Conveniently control and manage your connected TV devices including soundbars and storage devices through the ThinQAI powered home dashboard."

You can also buy a 40" smart TV for $329 if you're not keen on such a big screen!

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