Aldi's mattress in a box causing flurry of excitement: 'Love them'

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There are some items that Aldi are going to have to start stocking regularly – and I'm not talking about those delicious freezer specials that everyone clambers for.

Aldi's homewares and furniture have been super popular for some time now in Australia being high quality and solidly made but isn't it about time that they became a regular online item (just sayin'...)?

Aldi store in Marsh Lane Bootle, Liverpool.
Aldi mattresses are getting rave reviews online. Photo: AAP

The latest home product that fans are raving about online is Aldi's range of mattresses. Every time the mattress-in-a-box is advertised, fans reach out to those who have bought them before to see if they're worth it – since it's not like you can try them in-store. And given you spend at least eight hours a night in bed, you want a mattress to be comfortable and last a while.


But it seems that the old adage: 'you get what you pay for' may not be quite applicable in this case as many buyers swear that these mattresses are better than more expensive ones that they've had in the past.

When asked on a post by Aldi Lovers Australia what people who had bought the mattress thought of it, they were inundated with positive comments.

"We’ve bought several over the years, quality for cost is fantastic," one person wrote on Insta. "Have owned $$$ mattresses but these are just as good if not better."

"I’ve had mine for over 3 years and it’s been great. Would highly recommend" another person added.

Aldi's popular mattress in a box. Image: Aldi
Aldi's popular mattress in a box. Image: Aldi

"Love them! We have a single and a king," one person agreed. "Only a year old, but still going strong."

It was a similar story over on Facebook where the members of the Aldi Mums group were also trying to work out whether it was worth rushing down to purchase the mattress on the day it was released. 

"Yes! I bought a King Size recently!" one mum espoused. "It had been reduced by $100...We love it, it's Firm! & as they suggested we recently rotated it. We really love it! Highly recommend!"

However, the real skill was being able to lay your hands on one with demand and product delays due to Covid and getting it home. At 40kgs (for a queen-sized mattress) and being quite bulky despite being in a box it's no mean feat manoeuvring it through the store and carrying it to the bedroom! 

"Thank you everyone. Now I hope I can get there early enough to get my hands on one," the author of the Facebook post said.

And while they are not in store right now, they are sure to be back in the catalogue soon, after all, if they are that popular, Aldi would be crazy not to restock them!

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