Aldi US Seriously Needs To Step Up Its Booze Game

The beer selection at Aldi
The beer selection at Aldi - Scott Olson/Getty Images

As much as we hate to admit it, not every grocery chain makes its stores equally. Just look at the ingenious water bottle designs from Costco that are only available in its European locations. Different stores offer different products depending on what part of the world it's located in, so even if the name is the same, the experience is certainly not.

One perfect example of this can be found in the one big difference between Aldi's U.S. and European stores. After comparing the two, one thing is abundantly clear: Aldi U.S. seriously needs to step up its booze game. While most U.S. Aldi locations offer small selections of wine and beer, Aldi locations in countries abroad offer even more. German Aldi locations boast packed shelves full of hundreds of alcoholic options -- including liquor. Shelves are packed, but it isn't just the variety that is inconsistent. European Aldi stores also offer better deals on alcohol. The affordability of beers from European locations is much better than at U.S. locations, for example. One reason is that customers can grab single beers out of packages rather than buying the whole pack. Clearly, the difference between the stores is significant, and American shoppers aren't happy about it.

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Aldi Shoppers Share Their Thoughts

Man holding two bottles of beer
Man holding two bottles of beer - Bloomberg/Getty Images

U.S. Aldi shoppers expressed some jealousy over the apparent differences found in European Aldis compared to U.S. locations. In one Reddit thread, a German expat lamented over being unable to buy single beers from the chain anymore after they moved to the States. Another U.S. shopper was impressed by the vast beer selection available in Germany. Other shoppers also boasted about the affordability of the European drinks, with some 20-ounce bottles sold for less than a dollar.

In another Reddit post, many Aldi shoppers were equally impressed by the large alcohol selection available abroad. One user expressed envy over the "Huge variety of specialty gins from Europe, and wines from Europe."

While the differences are clear, the potential reasons for the changes make sense. For one, U.S. Aldi stores can't sell liquor due to laws regulating the sale of alcohol in grocery stores. European stores don't have those same laws in place. Another reason for the significant differences could be that Aldi is split into two retail giants: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. The branches each operate different stores around the world, and the differences between them extend beyond the booze aisle.

More Differences Between The Two Locations

Woman selecting bread from Aldi
Woman selecting bread from Aldi - Daniel VG/Shutterstock

While it's enough to be jealous of the alcohol selection available at European Aldis, those locations really do offer more than U.S. stores. For one, the option to grab a single drink out of multipacks doesn't only apply to the beer. European shoppers can grab single bottles of water, juice, or soda out of packages, too. Many European locations also have genuine bakeries that sell freshly baked goods, often from local retailers. Many locations encourage recycling, so they come equipped with a bottle recycling machine where you can exchange plastic bottles for money.

Yet another unexpected perk of European Aldis comes from its shopping carts. European stores opt for carts with wheels that can spin in any direction, which makes maneuvering through the aisles a much simpler process.Now, every Aldi location is a little different, and U.S. customers might get lucky to find an extra row of wine or even a bakery in a store. Still, overall, it seems that there is a pretty huge difference between U.S. Aldis versus ones found in Europe. Still, we'd argue that U.S. Aldi stores offer products that European shoppers are jealous of, too, so the envy is probably not one-sided.

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