Aldi's insane travel sale this weekend

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Aldi is here with a god send for your weekend. Photo: Getty Images

There’s nothing like a wintery, wet start to the week to send us into reveries of sunny holidays across the globe, and it looks like the universe is nudging us onto a plane because this weekend’s Special Buys are every traveller’s dream.

Following up on last week’s sustainable catalogue, this week’s offering is packed full of Skylite travel items, and in typical Aldi fashion, they’ve knocked it out of the park with some jaw-dropping deals.

Luggage for days

The Polypropylene 76cm suitcase is going for just $80. Photo: Aldi

Their Skylite suitcases have been tried, tested and proven a quality choice.

Choice product reviews gave the brand’s last offering an 86% recommendation, though a prior hard-case option from the brand got only 50%.

Their hard-shell polypropylene options come in at $80 for the larger model, and just $40 for the carry-on.

The real steal however, is their Ultra Light set that includes a large and small case for $90.

The Ultra Light Suitcase Set is going for just $90 this Saturday. Photo: Aldi

The supermarkets previous suitcases have been widely reviewed, and found to be on par, and sometimes better, than top brands which can check out at hundreds of dollars more.

Shoppers who were in a tizz over a double set for $100 last November, will be kicking themselves with the price dropped a further $20 for this sale.


Noise Cancelling Headphones are a steal at $40. Photo: Aldi

It’s not just a day for the four-wheelers however, the retailer is pulling out all the stops with a set of noise cancelling headphones for just $40 that are getting rave reviews online.

The set includes a rechargeable battery, and the option of plug-in or wireless specifically designed for flights, and regularly gets five star reviews based on the quality and price.

Other must-haves include a universal power adaptor for just $20, and a digital, portable set of scales for $10.

The Aldi sale is a tried and tested way of saving on luggage items, but it’s not the only low price, high quality option on the market.

Last year’s Choice survey found K-Mart and Big W both offered suitcases for under $50 that outstripped their high-end counterparts.

There may be rain forecast this weekend, but that’s never stopped customers from clearing shelves in the past, so get in quick!

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