The 'amazing' $20 Aldi buy selling out nationwide

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Happy shoppers are sharing their Aldi blender's after the popular item sold out in hours. Photo: Instagram/ downsizing.bee

Aldi shoppers are rejoicing over a budget alternative to expensive blenders the supermarket giant included in this week’s Special Buys.

The $20 blender is a rechargeable, portable number, and is apparently already charging up a cult following given shoppers across Australia have reported their local stores have been cleaned out of the blender in an unforeseen fruit juice frenzy.

The budget buy went on sale this past Wednesday, October 23, and didn’t hang around for very long.

Rave reviews for the portable blender

A part of the supermarket’s Aequi range, the blender is made for a range of plant-based protein powder shakes that have been getting rave reviews.

Aldi's portable blenders went on sale this past Wednesday, and you may struggle finding one now. Photo: Aldi

Posted to an Aldi mum’s group, shopper Brooke Malycha couldn’t help but gush over the blender she was able to buy, and dozens rushed to agree.

“These are amazing!!! $19.99 each,” the happy shopper wrote alongside a snap of her new find.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle she ‘absolutely loves’ the product, and over 70 people seem to agree, liking the post, and many more shared their own thoughts on the item.

“Just trying the watermelon mint elixir now best greens powder I've had hands down,” one woman agreed.

‘All sold out’ shoppers say

This lucky woman was one of the rare few who managed to get her hands on the blender. Photo: Supplied

Others reported their attempts to nab one of the blenders were foiled by earlier shoppers who cleaned out shelves across the country.

“Anyone in Brissie, I’ve been to three Aldis tonight to find them and they have been sold,” a Queensland shopper reported.

“All sold out in my local area,” another reported.

“I got the second last one at 9.30 this morning,” one woman warned.

Even shops known for overstocking Special Buys were left with bare shelves.

“I missed out,” a Melbourne woman wrote.

“Only thing that has ever sold out in my store and they overstock. Spewing.”

One woman suggested her local Aldi, but to no avail.

“I just went to the Aldi (there) and they’re sold!!” another shopper responded.

Is it worth it?

The blenders are designed for powder and water-based smoothies, and as one shopper warned, they are not built to take hard solids.

“You can’t crush ice cubes but frozen fruit yes...” the original poster warned.

Another woman backed this up sharing her experience with the popular item was ruined by that exact mistake.

“Hopefully it's better than the one I've got,” she wrote.

“Frozen fruit/ice doesn’t blend in mine and it stalls constantly and you need to shake it.”

The blender comes with a one year warranty, and at $20 may just be worth the shaking.

It’s not the first Aldi buy to run off shelves, a samosa maker the retailer released earlier this month was a huge hit with shoppers.

It’s not always fun and games when Aldi products go gangbusters, however.

Shoppers recently slammed the supermarket after the popular Caviar Cream special buy unleashed a frenzy in many stores.

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