Aldi shopper stunned by customer's 'unbelievable' act at checkout

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An Aldi shopper was left shocked after experiencing an act of kindness while doing her weekly shop last week, saying she "couldn't believe it".

"Did my weekly shop today at my usual Aldi and there was a bit of a line and only one register open," the Queensland woman wrote in the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group

Woman putting her card into the machine at a checkout
A shocked Aldi customer has taken to Facebook to share an 'unbelievable' act of kindness she experienced at her local store. Photo: Getty

"When a second register opened, I motioned for the man in front of me in the other line to go first even though I was closer because he was there before me."

She continued: "Anyway, he hung around at the front after he had been served and when my groceries were finished being scanned, he stepped up and paid for them! It was $187! He said it was because I did a nice thing for him. 


"I didn’t think anything of letting him go first because he was there before me. What he did for me was a lot nicer than what I did for him, I couldn’t believe it!"

Other Aldi fans were stunned by the act of kindness with one Facebook user writing: "So nice to read something positive for a change. Nice people do exist. Someone did similar for me in a service station line paying for petrol once, I will never forget it and always pay it forward when I can."

Aldi supermarket
The act of kindness occurred at a Queensland Aldi store. Photo: Getty

"I really hope you pay what he did for you forward," another user commented. "Such kind gestures are what is needed in our world atm."

"People do this at my register all the time, it's so beautiful to watch," an Aldi worker wrote.

"Kindness spreads kindness," someone else wrote. "That's so lovely to read!"

"So nice to read something positive in this crazy world at the moment," another Aldi fan said.

"Now does that put your faith back into human kindness," one person added.

"That's so generous, I love how people pay it forward," another said.

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