Aldi shopper uses Special Buy for 'genius' trolley hack

Kristine Tarbert
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If you've ever found yourself holding a coffee or drink only to realise you actually now need to head into the supermarket and somehow wheel around a trolley with one hand then this is the hack for you.

A very clever Aldi shopper has revealed how she used a Special Buy available at the popular German store this week, in a genius trolley hack that has since gone viral.

Aldi painting special buys
The paint pot has been a recurring Special Buy at Aldi. Photo: Facebook

Giving full credit to her daughter, the woman took to a popular Aldi Facebook group so share how they had used Aldi's 600ml Paint Pot with Handle as a drink or phone holder on the trolley.

“So my daughter Megan is a genius," the proud mum wrote.


“We just bought this paint pourer pot from Aldi just now (married to a painter) and I was getting annoyed trying to hold my drink.

aldi trolley hack
Boom! Perfect size for the drink and room for a phone. Photo: Facebook

“So she did this! Even has a slot for my phone!

“He’s not getting it now, I’m keeping it.”

Sharing photos of the hack, the holder clearly fits perfectly over the edge of the trolley with its two sections perfectly suitable for a drink and a phone.

aldi paint pot special buy turned drink holder
The paint pot was in this week's Special Buys. Photo: Facebook

The hack gained hundreds of comments from impressed shoppers with one person even saying the woman's daughter was a "future leader".

“Aldi so confused why all these mums suddenly need to paint," one person quipped.

While another simple said: “This is gold!”

It comes after another shopper revealed a simple way to make some extra cash by spending a bit of time in an Aldi car park.

The woman called Natalie shared in a video to her YouTube channel Frugal Aussie how she has adapted a "cheeky side hustle for cash" by paying regular visits to the supermarket.

For just 15 minutes of easy work, Natalie managed to collect $5.

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